“A kent ‘annos” is the Sardinian greeting that means “may you live to be 100″

“A kent ‘annos” is the Sardinian greeting that means “may you live to be 100″.

Wouldn’t you like to be greeted with “may you live to be 100″ every day? I know I would!

I read the excerpt for this book and was fascinated by the content summary. Did the people of Sardinia stumble across the secret to longevity? Or is it just a great diet and lifestyle? Or do they consume a probiotic super food?


Not only do the people of Sardinina live for a long time…the men live almost as long as the women.

Journalist Ben Hills and his photographer partner Mayu Kanamori interviewed 24 centenarians on the island of Sardinia – looking for the secret of their long life. Is it the hard work, the lifestyle or perhaps the red wine grown from the local grape variety called cannonau, which consumed with such enthusiasm on the island? Ben describes the red wine of Sardinia as bold and hearty…a “heroic” red which would make the big reds of the Barossa (the Barossa Valley, a wine region in South Australia) look like delicate little roses.

Ben and Mayu attend a birthday party where the lively 109 year woman celebrated with the local spirit called “Iron string”. They met devoted couple Silvio and Efisio Piras, who had married in 1922, the year Mussolini became Prime Minister…Efisio remembers him as “too bossy” and doing little for Sardinia. Ben says he could see by the liveliness in their eyes that they were still very much in love.

They met Salvatore Spano a 100 year old folk dancer who insisted on demonstrating how he could still stand on his head.

Ben Hills’ book is called “The Island of the Ancients“# and features on the cover, a photograph of Antonio Argiolas, a 101 year old winemaker who still goes to work every day and takes a keen interest in each year’s vintage of Cannonau.

So what is their secret, you ask? Maybe it is the fermented foods they eat every day. The same fermented foods that have gone missing from the western diet. And this fermented food can be re-introduced into your daily diet by eating a highly nutritious, certified organic, probiotic, super food. Get it now! Click here!

“A teaspoon a day will keep the doctor away”, and you too will soon be hearing “A kent ‘annos” – “may you live to be 100″.

Have a sensational day! John Pastor

#The Island of the Ancients is published by Pier 9, an imprint of Murdoch Books, in Australia and the United Kingdom. It will also be published in Brazil by Editora Prumo later in 2008.