Is losing circulation in my arm dangerous?

Question by : Is losing circulation in my arm dangerous?
a few times now ive woken up without blood in my arm, making it completely numb and impossible to move. i fix it by picking my arm up with my other hand and hanging it off the bed.

i want to know if this is serinusly harmful to my arm at all, and besides taking care in how i position my arm before bed how i can prevent this from happening. cos i must admit, it is quite frightening!

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Answer by CCRN
Unless you have a documented circulatory problem this is not, and virtually cannot happen….well unless you wound your arm up in the blankets or whatnot and created a tourniquet. When you wake up with the completely asleep arm that feels dead what has actually happened is that your body weight has pinched off the nerves. The pins and needles feeling is the nerves regaining transmission.

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