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New Clue To Slower Progression Of AIDS

The average time from HIV infection to full-blown AIDS in the absence of treatment is about 10 years, and while some people succumb much sooner, others, known as the “slow progressors”, can remain healthy for another 20 years or more. Now scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), believe they may have uncovered a new clue as to why…
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Osteoporosis Clue Found In Stem Cell Signalling Protein

Understanding how a well-known signalling protein influences whether bone marrow stem cells turn into bone or fat could transform scientists’ view of osteoporosis and lead to new treatments for the bone-thinning disease. These are the implications of a new study led by Harvard Medical School (HMS) that was published online in The Journal of Clinical Investigation on 13 August…
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DNA Clue Discovered For Why Women Outlive Men

A new study of mitochondrial DNA in fruit flies offers a number of clues that might explain why females tend to outlive males across much of the animal kingdom, including humans. Researchers from Monash University in Australia and Lancaster University in the UK, write about their work in the 2 August online issue of Current Biology…
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