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Avoid Eight Cancer Screenings, Says Consumer Reports

Consumer reports evaluated eleven cancer screening tests, and has found that most of us should avoid eight of them. The non-profit consumer’s organization says that most preventive cancer screenings are oversold and may confuse rather than clarify. In a new report, the authors say that not all cancer screening tests are helpful. In fact, they added that some of them may be harmful…
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Probiotics Success Strategies in Food and Drinks: Novel applications, future R&D and consumer engagement

Probiotics have been a functional component of health foods for almost 100 years, although no legal definition exists for the term probiotic. Probiotics are tiny microorganisms which confer a series of innate health benefits to the host, and have numerous applications in both food and drugs.
The application of probiotics has extended to a wide range of delivery formats in food and drinks, and they are marketed on multiple health enhancing platforms. As the level of science increases behind the use of foods offering health benefits, consumers will increasingly search out new products promising additional advantages beyond taste and convenience.

Key features of this report

• Analysis of the emerging roles that probiotics are playing in health and disease and examples of their first commercial applications in the functional foods and drinks market.
• Insights into the current marketing and formulation strategies of the leading probiotic products and brands which are setting the pace for marketing the benefits of probiotics.
• Review of legislation and litigations currently impacting the marketing of probiotic based foods and beverages within the EU and USA.
• A breakdown of the growth of the probiotic based food and drinks in the USA, EU and Japan and the forecasted growth within specific EU countries. Per captia growth and current sales revenues are assessed including the share of products launched within specific food categories i.e. dairy versus snacks.

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Scope of this report

• A comprehensive review of the scientific basis of probiotics as health enhancing foods including their specific roles in immune, skin, and nutrient absorption. The latest emerging research covering allergies, chronic fatigue, depression, obesity and urinary tract infections are also presented. Current scientific controversies over issues of efficacy and strain to stability and health effects are also noted.
• The regulatory environment for probiotics has been the most active since its inception over the past four years. This report provides key insights into the current litigation and legislation impacting the sale and marketing of probiotics in the EU and USA.
• A condensed summation of the most influential events effecting the sale and growth probiotics, their current growth rate (to 2013) and market value are delivered in an easy to comprehend format.

Key Market Issues

• The impact of EU health claims regulation: For manufacturers willing to invest a significant portion of their R&D budget into the health claims assessment process within the EU, success will offer significant competitive advantage given the number of rejected claims so far.
• The cultural difference in probiotic acceptance After only two years on the market, Kraft’s attempt to extend the US probiotic market was unsuccessful. Although Kraft’s expertise lies in formulation and distribution; it overlooked some key success factors for the functional food category. Danone was able to capitalize on the US market and avoided making mistakes.
• Difference in marketing strategies: Yakult has been successful for many reasons including its focus on one health message, its long-term investment in functional drinks, and specifically it’s direct-to-consumer approach to selling. In comparison Danone’s Actimel was differentiated on taste and has increased its awareness with consumers at a time when they are looking for choice within the probiotics market.
• Emerging trends in the probiotic market: Consumers often have personal and defined health goals. Food and drinks manufacturers will need to provide unique product differentiation in order to gain loyalty from them and stand out from competitors. The use of probiotics offers this opportunity due to their unique impact on specific health areas such as immunity, allergies and skin health.

Key findings from this report

• The market for probiotics has grown rapidly from a relatively small base and continues to grow 8.9% (CAGR 03-08) to .3bn. Although slowing slightly, growth is expected to remain strong through 2013 at 6.2% (CAGR) when the market for probiotics is expected to be worth .3bn globally.
• Of all EU countries, Italy dominates the market and with growth exceeding 7% (CAGR 08-13), its value will reach 9mn by 2013.
• The US probiotics market has grown 8.7% over the past 5 years (CAGR 03-08) to bn, and is expected at to grow at 5% through to 2013 to a value of .4 bn.
• Japan is the largest market, based on per capita spend (.3 in 2008). Japan’s growth is set to continue at a growth rate of 6.7% (CAGR 08-13) resulting in an average spend per capita of .1. Japan’s spend per capita is almost four and half times that of the US.

Key questions answered

• What are the latest applications for human health for probiotics, which products are already capitalising on these application?
• Is the use of technology that aids in the survival and storage of probiotics worth the costs, or are dead bacteria just as beneficial to health?
• What 3 probiotic products/brands have been damaged by litigation and regulation in the US since 2009?
• Of all probiotics markets, which ones have helped shape the market through both success and failure? What lessons are to be learned from 11 of the most innovative products in the probiotic category?
• Which European country is the fastest growing probiotic market and set to dominate until 2013?
• Which major countries will continue to grow and which will slow down over the next 4 years?

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