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Spring Tulip Baby Hat: Organic Cotton Fiber & Dye with Tree Donation

Check out these certified organic images:

Spring Tulip Baby Hat: Organic Cotton Fiber & Dye with Tree Donation
certified organic
Image by LornaWatt
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A certified organic, handmade hat for infants and young toddlers. I plant one tree with the Nature Conservancy for every sale.

Unlike many handmade organic items, this fiber is certified according to the Global Organic Textile Standard by the Institute of Marketecology. That means it’s grown, spun, and dyed without pesticides, herbicides, or other chemicals. I designed these at a photographer’s request for something to frame the baby’s face in natural tones with a hint of color.

One hat

I crocheted this hat in a romantic purple with bright blueberry flowers and minty sage green leaves. The pattern has a unique interwoven geometric motif. The photographed colors are true to life, but monitors may vary.

The hat pictured is on a 15.5 inch circumference sphere and stretches an extra inch or so. Most infants and young toddlers range from 13-17 inches. Please indicate at checkout if you would like an infant or toddler size.

1. A charm inside the crown of your hat reminds you of the new tree you planted with this sale. Visit the guest book for the Handmade Forest customers of Knits for Life are making for more info: tinyurl/handmadeforest
2. Packaged with a handmade drawer sachet scented with a mix of organic and conventional whole lavender flowers.
3. Gift wrap is complimentary. Just include a message to your recipient in your checkout message to let me know, and I will include it in the package.

Hand made in a home with no pets or smoking.

100% organic cotton.
Hand wash and lay flat to dry.

This hat ships the next business day.

Hassle-free return policy. No questions asked.

Contact me if you would like this hat in a different color. I will create a listing just for you.

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NoMa farmers’ market 6.8.11 – 3
certified organic
Image by laura padgett
squash blossoms at the blueberry hill vegetable stand at the NoMa farmers’ market

Front – Wrapper – Absolute Organic Beetroot Chips
certified organic
Image by avlxyz
Yummy beetroot chips. You can really taste the beetroot flavour, but it is still 32.2% (15% saturated, 13.6% monounsaturated, 3.3% polyunsaturated) fat! 🙂

Absolute Organic
certified organic
beetroot chips
with sea salt
45g net

Australian Certified Organic W201

No nasties added
Our beetroot chips are natural and full of organic goodness

+ Good for your taste buds
+ Good for the environment
+ Preservative free
+ Additive free

made in Australia using local and imported ingredients for

Eco-Farms Pty Ltd
167 Parramatta Road, Homebus NSW2140 Australia