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Medical News Today: Most doctors succumb to parents’ requests to delay vaccinations, despite concerns

The majority of doctors receive parental requests to alter childhood vaccination schedules. Despite having concerns, most doctors agree to such requests, according to new research.
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One-Third Of Doctors Miss Electronic Test Results

Electronic medical test results have turned out to be much like email: doctors receive a large volume of them, therefore some get lost by the wayside. The new finding came from a study conducted by a group of researchers at the Michael E. DeBakey Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Houston and was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association…
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Doctors Urging People To Get Flu Vaccine As Activity Spreads

As flu activity spreads rapidly across the USA, doctors are urging people to get a flu shot now, as well as taking other steps to protect themselves from influenza and some of its complications. According to the CDC’s FluView report this week, two children have died from influenza-related causes…
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Communication Between Mothers Of Critically Ill Infants And Doctors Needs To Improve

England and America are two countries that are separated by a common language, irish playwright George Bernard Shaw once said. According to a new study by the John Hopkins Children’s Center, that common language may also be the divide standing between moms of severely ill babies and the professionals treating them…
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Sexual Misconduct Among Most Commonly Reported Online Violations Of Professionalism By Doctors

Results of a survey published in a research letter in JAMA this week, reveal that sexual misconduct and prescribing without an established clinical relationship are among the most common ever reported online violations of professionalism by doctors in the US. For their survey, Dr S…
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Most Doctors In Europe Concerned About How They Will Be Treated When They Are Old

A new study from the Economist Intelligence Unit on healthcare provision for an aging population showed that the overwhelming majority of surveyed health professionals (81%) is concerned about the way they will be treated when they grow old, and remain skeptical whether current policies to address demographic shift caused by an aging population are realistic, comprehensive or s…
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Q&A: Food gets stuck in throat daily – Doctors can’t figure it out?

Question by FireFish45: Food gets stuck in throat daily – Doctors can’t figure it out?
My wife complains at night that any solid food she eats gets stuck in her throat and she tries regurgitating, which always does nothing.It sometimes takes up to 2 days for food to be gone from her throat.
She’s had this for about two years but lately it’s getting a lot worse. It’s so bad right now that she’s only eating pureed food.

Let me also add we’re young, like I’m 26 & she’s 24. She doesn’t smoke, drink, etc.

Please don’t answer ‘go to a doctor’. I’d appreciate your help, but she’s gone to several and like many others I see on this board, none have been able to help (yet).
She’s had a Barium’s Swallow test and is now hopefully going for some other tests.

What bothers me most is seeing her in this pain. I wish she enjoyed life with me at night, but unfortunately, all she ever talks about is this issue since she’s had it.

Her figure is very slim; and because of that, she has a small neck.

My theory is that she has GERD (I do too) and it may have caused damage at night over time to her esophagus. I could be totally off or maybe on the right path.

She spoke to her best friend’s fiance who is finishing medical school & he seems totally convinced that it is Zenker’s diverticulum.
When she mentioned that to one of her doctors here, he said that’s ridiculous as she’s too young to possibly have that.

Does anyone have any input on this whole situation that may help us diagnose or find the right person to diagnose this? I can’t stand seeing her like this anymore.

Thank you in advance.
UPDATE: As I could predict, my wife called me an hour ago from her parents in Canada complaining about her food getting stuck, again. I’m so fed up with seeing her like this that I told her mother if she doesn’t take her to a hospital now, I’m calling their local ambulance & sending them to their house. She’s enroute to the hospital now because even though they may not see her, I figure it’s a better shot than sitting home agonizing. Also, I figure if it bothers her mostly at night that she’s better off going when it’s causing the problems in case they do imaging, etc. I’ll keep you all posted. Thank you all for your replies so far; while she’s waiting in the ER and can’t be on the phone with me, I’ll read your replies.

Best answer:

Answer by ghost girl
No she`s not to young to have what we call in layman’s term ” Diverticulitis”, It`s a hole in your diaphragm caused by some sort of trauma, which probably regurgitation only irritates it more. some DR.`s tell you to sleep with the head of your bed elevated about 5-6 inches. Some people require surgery, cuz they are slowly bleeding to death internally. There are other reasons people cant keep food down, one is cancer, but I doubt if that is her problem cuz you said she can have purred food. So you see you will probably end up going to the DR. anyways, so why not go while it can probably still be treated than to wait till it cant?

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