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Breast cancer drugs: real and fake acupuncture ‘relieves side effects’

Anticancer drugs are known to cause an array of side effects for cancer patients. But new research suggests that both real and “sham” acupuncture treatments could help mitigate the side effects of these drugs for breast cancer patients. This is according to a study published in the journal Cancer.
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The effects of probiotics lactobacillus

We are living in a competitive world and we must admit that it has both gifted us with benefits and also cursed us with deficient health and mind conditions. It is at times very strange to think back at a time when our ancestors who did not have our modern comforts and advanced technologies but they possibly did enjoy a stress free healthy life. On the other hand many people today are affected by hazardous diseases like digestive ailments, cancer, obesity, depression, Alzheimer’s disease and many other medical terms associated with diseases which has in turn forced many of us to take in medicines and probiotic supplements like lactobacillus and omega 3 fish oil supplements to build up the damaged immune system of our body.

For some people the very term “lactobacillus” seems new and for some the term and its implication do not really matter. Any how it is wise to know more about the lactobacillus and its antibiotic properties. It is a very helpful probiotic and it is good for our body especially the digestive tract. Acidophillus is actually an antibiotic and it aids for good digestion .The gastrointestinal tract of human body consists of more than 400 different kinds of bacteria. The lactobacillus actually balances the number of both good and bad bacteria. The beneficial good bacterium aids to derive vitamins, minerals from the food we consume. The presence of such good flora aids in proper functioning of the digestive tract and it enables a human body to get the required minerals and vitamins from the food they eat but as one grows old and due to the stressful unhealthy eating habits many people in these recent years are just subjected to various digestive ailments. The various ailments like Candida growth, bad breath, cancer, constipation and even several cardio vascular problems, hypersensitivity and urinary tract infections are all effectively solved by the regular intake of probiotic supplements. However during the first few days people who take in these supplements could experience severe bloating and gassiness .This is because the intestines might take a few days to adjust properly with the shift in the levels of good bacteria. If in case any allergic reactions are apparent after the intake of this supplement it is ideal to meet a doctor for remedial treatment. The intake of energy rich fish oil supplements rich in omega 3 fish oil aids in curing hazardous depression,cancer,Alzhimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease. Moreover it gave positive results when taken by those who had the trouble in healthy working of mind.

A healthy life is what everyone wants to have and by including these probiotic and fish oil supplements one can built up the damaged internal immune system and look forward for a bright healthy future.

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Unwanted Effects Of Probiotics

By the classification, probiotics are usually live organisms which you’ll find therapeutic for our health and wellness. They normally are obtained with fermented foodstuff and so the most typical sorts are actually bifid bacterias and lactic acid bacterias. The key benefits associated with the probiotics usually are: probiotics decrease the cholestrerol levels and hypertension, they carry out a principal function in digestive tract tumors protection, probiotics maximize the body’s defense mechanisms, cuts down diarrhoea, they are really necessary for uro-genital complications, and so on.

Probiotics are typically given by doctors to the people who seem to feel ingestion difficulties; nevertheless, they may result in the next troubles:

– Bloated tummy

– Looseness of the bowels

– Intestinal gas issues

– Issues with fungus infections caused by body’s defense mechanisms deterioration.

– Alterations in one’s metabolism.

Several medical tests and trials show that having probiotics in some types of sufferers might possibly bring about considerable issues. As an example, serious health complications are actually documented in individuals who have been previously severely in poor health and also ingested probiotics, and sadly for some patients the outcomes had been lethal. Still it shows that somebody need to be smart when utilizing probiotics.

We have a smaller quantity of serious uncomfortable side effects brought on by probiotics, and when they manifest, many of them go away completely with virtually no negative effects. On the other hand, there are several people who have no tolerance for, and that means you need to ensure you are not among them before starting using the probiotics. And then the best way to make it happen would be to go to your health care professional who’ll get each of the mandatory medical tests to make sure if the digestion organs are far too hypersensitive or not.

For people with almost any food allergic reaction or perhaps experience problems in ingestion, you need to be watchful having probiotics quite as with some kinds of food stuff. Furthermore, probiotics secondary effects are certainly not examined more than enough yet – there does exist still very much to discover more on the probiotics. Consequently anything you do, confer with your medical specialist regarding this initially.

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Beneficial effects of Probiotics and Prebiotics

Large number of micro-organisms live on various sections of human body (skin, mouth and gastrointestinal tracts) that are exposed to the outside environment. These are known as commensal microbes have associated with humans. They are greatly interdependent with them.
The highest concentration of commensal organisms believed to be in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract that has above 400m2 surface area (this makes up the second largest surface area of the body). The GI tract can harbour high extent of flora (>500 various bacterial species) among which some are beneficial, e.g. stimulating and supporting the host from invading bacteria and viruses and assisting digestion.

A research about germ free animals has implied that microbial colonization has essential (health) roles for humans. However microbes may occasionally develop a pathogenic relationship with a host that can result in occurring disease or even death of the host.

Microbial metabolites may have mutagenic or carcinogenic activity. As a result cancer can develop during the long period of exposure, Therefore understanding the influence of colonizing microbes in addition to learning desired factors to encourage the positive and inhibit the negative activities of commensal attacking microbes.
The probiotic abstraction has been an important issue. They are known as live micro-organisms involving a health influence on the host when consumed in adequate amount (Guarner and Schaafsma 1998). In other words, Probiotics are the foods for the beneficial bacteria. They can be added to the diet to help the beneficial bacteria grow and survive the digestive mechanism.

Prebiotics are known as nondigestible food ingredients that can beneficially influence the host byselectively stimulating the growth or /and activity of a certain number of bacteria in the colon. In fact, they are the food for the friendly bacteria. They may be added to the diet to provide the situation for effective bacteria to grow and survive in the digestive mechanism.

Probiotics aim to generate a useful effect on the host by administration of live micro-organisms such as those in traditional yoghurt and other fermented foods or in powders, tablets, liquid suspensions and lyophilised in capsules.

Probiotics have the ability to inhibit intestinal bacterial enzymes involved in the synthesis of colonic carcinogens. They have proved to be effective on modulation of immune function, humoral, cellular and non-specific immunity.

Some advantages of probiotics over conventional therapy can include virtually low cost, and the fact that probiotics are not expected to increase the incidence of antibiotic resistance and the mechanisms in which probiotics may suppress pathogens, so reducing the extent of resistance against the probiotic.

Prebiotics may be more efficient than probiotics in obtaining colonic bacterial adaptation and also affecting lactose intolerance. However, both probiotics and prebiotics may finally have beneficial effects on colonic disease.

Prebiotic foods generally have certain absorption, fibre contribution, gut integrity, immune function and cholesterol control. Some prebiotics are consumed for the treatment of constipation and hepatic encephalopathy.

Prebiotics can protect against some intestinal pathogens and may be helpful in some inflammatory bowel disease. They can have some anticarcinogenic influences.
The market trends and biological potential of both probiotics and prebiotics are considerable. The growing demands of natural alternatives over conventional medicine are expected to improve the prebiotic market.
Americans are constantly recognising that their low-fibre diet could be the main cause for the growing occurrence of obesity, diabetes mellitus, and coronary vascular diseases.

While there is a greater awareness that gut health translates to overall health, most Americans are unaware of the potential benefits offered by prebiotics.

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