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Genetic clues to epilepsy discovered by scientists

Scientists have discovered two new genes linked to severe forms of childhood epilepsy, a breakthrough reached with new genetic technology, according to a study published in the journal Nature. Researchers say that the genetic research technique may be a highly effective way of making discoveries about other complex neurological disorders like epilepsy…
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New Epilepsy Drug From Fatty Acids

Scientists in London have identified specific fatty acids that could form the basis of new drugs to treat epilepsy in children and adults. They suggest drugs based on them could provide similar epilepsy control as a ketogenic diet, a treatment often prescribed for children with severe drug-resistant epilepsy and which mimics aspects of starvation but with troubling side effects…
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Enlarged Brain Size, Autism, Epilepsy And Cancer Linked To Newly Found Gene Mutations

According to a study published online in Nature Genetics, researchers have identified three new mutations associated with megalencephaly (enlarged brain size), cancer, autism, hydrocephalus, skin growth disorders, epilepsy, and vascular anomalies…
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