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Why do our eyes widen in fear and narrow in disgust?

Think about the last time you were home alone and you heard a loud, unexpected noise. Chances are, your eyes widened as you listened for more information. In a new paper, researchers have detailed why this happens, as well as why our eyes narrow when something disgusts us.The researchers, led by Prof.
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All in the eyes: corneal reflections in photos can help solve crimes

The eyes are not just the mirror of the soul, they also mirror the world around us. Now, a UK team has found that today’s high-resolution digital images are now so detailed, they can enlarge the eyes in people’s photos and retrieve images of out-of-shot bystanders reflected on their corneas.
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Boosting bionic eyes with a gentle touch

Australian researchers from Monash University Gippsland say that combining sensory information may help improve the sight of people receiving visual prosthetics. They claim that by stimulating the senses of “touch” and “vision” at the same time, the brain is better able to interpret what it is “seeing…
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