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Be More Attractive Now : How To Look Good – Feel Great

Be More Attractive Now : How To Look Good – Feel Great
Discover The Essential Process To Looking More Attractive, Younger, And More Seductive. Get Noticed More At Work – And Promoted Faster. Learn To Master Charisma, Body Language And Social Finese And Get That Job. Learn To Dress To Flatter Your Shape.
Be More Attractive Now : How To Look Good – Feel Great

I think I may lose a finger due to loss of blood circulation:-( What does having a missing finger feel like?

Question by Danny: I think I may lose a finger due to loss of blood circulation:-( What does having a missing finger feel like?
I’ve only just turned eighteen, but in the last couple of days, my left-ring finger has gone all purple and I’ve lost feeling in the top joint. I fear that unless this stops, I may have to have the finger chopped off, probably above the first joint to stop infection etc:-( What is it like missing a finger, what does a missing finger physically feel like, and is it a big deal missing a finger in terms of carrying out tasks? Danny.

Best answer:

Answer by Tom
You need to go to a doctor – if you had you would now if you were going to lose the finger. Go to the doctor and see what they say – this is a silly question to get an answer from on this site.

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Bonavitas Energy Plus Recovery Beverages Are Made With Superfoods: Wouldn?t It Be Nice to Live Longer and Feel Better?

Provo, UT (PRWEB) May 11, 2011

Today Bonavitas launches a new line of natural energy plus recovery beverages made with superfoods scientifically known for their regenerative properties. These non alcoholic beverages improve stamina, increase focus and concentration, and repair tired muscles.

Bonavitas energy plus recovery drinks increase metabolic rate with thermogenic effect to get going in the morning, plus the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that support the organs and slow the aging process through a comprehensive approach to wellness with short-term energy and long-term recovery for refresh muscle and fitness. Sweet16 and Virgin Tequila energy beverages are weight loss thermogenics and R12 is a recovery drink that combines protein with carbohydrates in order to increase muscle glycogen and muscle protein ? both essential for effective muscle recovery. Very few sports and recovery drinks on the market include protein, and even fewer provide it in conjunction with slow-release carbohydrates.

?Nobody really has time to sit around and eat all the USDA-recommended fruits and vegetables every day. As a result, everybody is tired, stressed and poorly nourished?, said Tommy Wilson, President of Bonavitas. ?When you need to pull an all-nighter for a big test. When you?ve worked all day and still have to get the kids to practice, then get home and cook dinner. When your to-do list runs longer than your energy level, think of Bonavitas energy plus recovery beverages, he concluded.

Sweet16, Virgin Tequila and R12 can be purchased at the Bonavitas online store.

Bonavitas energy and recovery beverages are for any time you?re tired and want to feel better, improve your mood or replenish the nutrients your body needs due to stress, work or old age.


Headquartered in Provo, Utah, Bonavitas distributes energy plus recovery beverages using superfoods to combat the symptoms and root causes of tired people through retailers, distributors, and wholesalers around the world. Bonavitas chooses energy yielding nutrients scientifically known for their regenerative properties. Bonavitas offers a new approach to wellness ? for everyone from bodybuilding athletes to moms on-the-go, weekend warriors and anyone with a pulse. http://www.bonavitas.com


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