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High Fiber Diet Protects You From Stroke

If you eat more fiber you will probably have a lower risk of first time stroke, researchers from the University of Leeds’ School of Food Science & Nutrition in Leeds, United Kingdom, reported in the journal Stroke. Dietary fiber comes from plants, the part that our body does not absorb when digesting food. Fiber can be insoluble or soluble (dissolves in water). No fiber can be digested…
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Fiber Boosts Bowel Beneficial Bacteria

Fiber Boosts Bowel Beneficial Bacteria
Fiber also increased the numbers of lactobacillus—the beneficial microbe in yogurt and probiotics. The researchers say these friendly bacteria may thrive when you eat fiber because you're supplying the bugs with what they prefer to eat. Most Americans …
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10000 Germs and a Few Pounds of Bacteria is Healthy, Scientists Say
Then they teased apart the bacterial DNA from the human DNA, and started analyzing organisms with some daunting names: Lactobacillus crispatus, Streptococcus mitis, Corynebacterium accolens. Our bodies are thought to be home to about 10 bacterial …
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