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More effort needed to fight hospital infections, say CDC

At any given time, approximately 1 in 25 patients in the US has at least one infection acquired during their hospital stay, say the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, who have released two new reports highlighting the need to improve patient safety by eliminating this threat to patients.
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Cell phone game joins fight against cancer

Anyone fancy a game of cancer hunting? The charity Cancer Research UK has announced a partnership with an England-based software agency to develop a game in which the general public can analyze cancer data while playing. Scientists hope the game will help them recognize new causes of cancer…
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Researchers Find A Fungus That Could Fight Cancer

Arthrobotrys oligospora, a fungus that feeds on roundworm, may be able to fight against cancer, according to research in Advanced Functional Materials. The study was conducted by a team led by Mingjun Zhang, an associate professor of biomedical engineering at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. The researchers discovered that nanoparticles made by A…
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Promising New Way To Make Stem Cells Aid in Fight Against Heart Disease

A patient-safe and effective method to produce stem cells using blood has been found, raising hope that in the future, these stem cells made from a patient’s own cells could be used to treat cardiovascular disease, suggests new research published in the journal Stem Cells: Translational Medicine…
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Superfoods, Chia Seeds Can Help Boost Weight Loss, Fight Cancer

Superfoods, Chia Seeds Can Help Boost Weight Loss, Fight Cancer
Chia seeds are the latest superfood. Superfoods can help fight cancer, boost energy and control weight. (more) How does a chia pet sound for dinner? No, you do not want to eat the actual chia pet, but chia seeds are packed with nutrition and considered …
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10 super foods to help weight loss
To help us make a smart start of the new year, Nielsen has created a list of super foods that can facilitate weight loss. While no one particular food will melt away the pounds- it's our overall diet and energy intake that count-here are 10 items that …
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Top 12 Detox Superfoods
Even if you don't plan on doing a detox program, your health will benefit from adding more detox superfoods to your daily diet. There are many great superfoods with detoxifying properties, but here are my top 12 picks. And, they're delicious too. …
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