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Medical News Today: Vitamin D deficiency linked to poor brain function, death after cardiac arrest

Researchers find that patients who are vitamin D deficient may be more likely to have poor brain function or die following cardiac arrest than those with normal vitamin D levels.
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Probiotic Bacteria Beneficial For Brain Function

Bacteria in food can affect brain function, according to new research published in the journal Gastroenterology. The study, carried out by UCLA researchers, found that brain function changed among healthy women who consumed probiotics in yogurt. Brain function changed among the women while in a resting state as well as during an emotion-recognition task…
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Mother’s Diet Before Pregnancy Can Change Gene Function In Offspring

It has long been known that nutrition during pregnancy affects the well-being of her child, but a new study suggests that what a woman eats before she becomes pregnant might also play a significant role. Published in The FASEB Journal, a study conducted with mice, has found that diet prior to pregnancy chemically alters the mother’s DNA and passes these changes along to their offspring…
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