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Late Bedtimes Linked To Weight Gain In Healthy People

If you are healthy and go to bed late regularly and you do not sleep enough, your risk of gaining weight is significantly greater than if you go to bed earlier and have a good night’s sleep every night, says a new study published in the journal Sleep. If you also eat late at night, you will probably put on even more weight, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania added…
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Raw Food Plan – How To Gain Lots More Energy!

Some say you are what you eat! Is that true? Certainly eating Living Foods will make you feel very much alive and consuming Dead food? Well, lets just say you won’t be at your best! We need to take a closer look and see exactly what this all means. What is this Raw Food Plan that is gaining popularity almost daily?

Do you often find yourself feeeling tired and worn down? You retire early to bed but never get a full nights sleep? After eight hours or so, you still wake up exhausted. Everything feels like an effort and too much hard work!

This could be because of the food you eat! Eating “dead” food can make you feel just like this. You see, this sort of food may once have been full of nutrients, vitamins, enzymes and energy – Life Force! Now though, after it has been altered and “refined” and “processed”, for example – how brown rice and wholemeal grain is transformed into white “easy cook” rice and white bread and flour, it is not the complete food any more and has lost most of it’s innate goodness. Healthful green vegetables have been heated to over 118 degrees farenheit and their enzymes and vitamins destroyed. Even processing foods slightly may alter their health value. Often nutrients work in conjunction with each other and so removing one part may render the other less effective. In this way, some vitamins do not work in isolation.

Living Foods are a different story all together! These foods are fresh vegetables and fruits in their natural, whole, raw state. All their nutrients intact. They are seeds and nuts, often soaked and sprouted to release their enzymes more readily. These sprouts, as sprouted seeds are known, contain a vast quantity of energy! Freshly juiced green vegetables, full of chlorophyll, they are so packed with energy and goodness. Food like this cannot help but make you feel more alive!

Do you know, people who eat mainly raw wholefoods, follow a Raw Food Plan and avoid dairy and meat often report only needing four or five hours sleep a night? They wake up totally energised and ready to face the day too!

Going over to this new way of eating can seem impossible at first. People say things like ” I can’t eat just salad leaves for the rest of my life!” and ” What do I eat in restaurants?” and ” My family will think I have gone mad!” After all, it certainly is a different mindset to most of the population. However, most of the population are lacking in energy and vitality, are overweight and suffering all manner of ailments – it’s okay to want to be different!

The simplest way to make this change is to follow a proven and well researched Raw Food Plan. One where someone has been there already and has advice against possible pitfalls. You will need access to lots of Raw Recipes, so you don’t get to exist just on salad leaves alone! Learn how to open up all whole new style of food by using a dehydrator, for instance. Try different foods – most people eat the same things every week! You will start to feel the difference really soon, within a couple of weeks even.

Follow a Raw Food Plan for twelve weeks and this new way of eating will be natural to you. There is no way you will want to return to old ways once you see how you are now living your life to the full!

If you would like to read about a particularly effective and easy to follow Raw Food Plan , I have found, go to http://www.feelgreat-rawfood.com This one is really practical. It’s also excellently researched. Make going Raw simple! See how amazing you can feel!

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