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Boost Your Iron with Iron Rich Foods

26 whole foods
by su-lin

Article by Peter Erickson

It is easy to increase your iron intake by eating iron rich foods. However, a recent survey conducted among young women highlighted a big gap in their knowledge of Iron Rich Foods:

26% admitted to having a hard time identifying iron rich food.26% knew that liver is a good source of iron and forty percent (40%) were aware that green vegetables can be a good source too.17% knew eating fortified cereal for breakfast could increase iron intake.12% cited baked beans as one of the many iron rich foods.10% knew boiled eggs contain a good amount of iron.9% mentioned red meat as among the top iron rich foods.2% considered eating dried figs to up their iron intake.Food Rich in IronIf you get insufficient iron from your diet, you will become iron deficient and eventually develop iron deficiency anemia. Iron deficiency is a major problem around the world including the developed countries in the West. In fact, in the United States iron deficiency is the number one nutrient deficiency. If you need to increase your iron intake then here are some iron rich foods you should consider increasing in your diet:Beef, pork, lamb and especially organ meats like liverPoultry, especially the darker meat from the legsOily fish like sardines and mackerel and but especially mollusks such as mussels, clams and oystersIron Rich Foods for Vegetarians:It may be difficult for vegetarians to get the recommended level of iron from their diet, since the body does not absorb iron found in vegetables as readily as that found in animal products. If you are vegetarian, here are some facts to help you maximize your iron intake.Eat Green leafy vegetables.Incorporating food or drinks rich in vitamin C, such as fruits, vegetables and fruit juice will help maximize iron absorption.Eat iron fortified foods. You can find fortified breakfast cereal, fortified rice and much more.Nuts, apricots, plums and other dehydrated fruits are great iron rich snacks.Menu IdeasSince there are so many Iron Rich Foods it should not be too difficult to put good tasting, easy to make menus together. Here are some examples:Breakfast:Fortified breakfast cereals or biscuits made of whole wheat.Whole meal toast with poached egg, two low-fat sausages, grilled tomato and baked beans.Fruit juice rich in vitamin C such as orange or grapefruit.Lunch:Whole meal toast topped with smoked mackarel or canned sardines in tomato sauce.Bean salad or chicken salad.Some fresh fruit juice.Dinner:Asian stir fried beef with red bell pepper and brocolli.Steak or some other lean red meat.Fresh fruit juice.Snacks:Pumpkin seeds, almonds, cashew nuts.Dried fruit like apricots, plums, figs.Slice of gingerbread cake.Iron AbsorptionOf all the iron in the food you eat only a fraction is actually absorbed and used by your body. The amount of iron absorbed by your body is a complex issue and depends on many different factors like how much iron you already have stored in your body, the type of iron in the food your eating (plant vs animal) and what are other foods you are eating in combination. But there are simple things you can do to boost your iron absorption. For one, you can ensure you get plenty of iron absorption enhancers like foods rich in vitamin C, these foods increase the amount of iron your body absorbs from your diet. Also, don’t drink tea or coffee with your meal as these act as iron absorption inhibitors and slow down the amount of iron your body absorbs.For more read this list of Top 50 Iron Rich Foods and you will see how you can easily beat Low Iron Symptoms by eating Iron Rich Foods.

Peter Erickson writes for Iron Rich Foods and provides all the information you need to increase your daily iron intake and beat Iron Deficiency Anemia.

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