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Longevity Proteins Also May Be Linked To Mood Control

Over the last 10 years, MIT biologist Leonard Guarente and other researchers have demonstrated that very-low-calorie diets provoke a comprehensive physiological response, which promotes survival due to a set of proteins called sirtuins. A new report by Guarente published online in Cell has now demonstrated that sirtuins may also have a key part in the psychological response to dietary restriction…
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Raw Coconut Kefir Margarita Demo Part 2 Longevity Now Experience with David Wolfe

In Part 2 of his Friday night raw food demo from the Longevity Now Experience in Costa Mesa, California, Chef Jason Andrew Wrobel teams up with David “Avocado” Wolfe to talk about the importance of probiotics, enzymes, and mineralization while demonstrating a super tasty and easy to prepare Raw Coconut Kefir Margarita, inspired by the Body Ecology Diet. The dynamic raw superhero duo also talk about the benefits of raw vegan superfoods and the history of VitaMix blenders. Recipe courtesy of the Erewhon Market Tonic Bar in West Hollywood, California.
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Genuine Pearl Powder – The Secret To Longevity And Flawless Skin

Article by Sarah Anderson

Today’s women, more than ever, are trying diligently to rejuvenate their youthful appearance, to suspend the evidence of time. Rampant fear of growing old and wrinkled keeps us in a constant search for the perfect anti aging product, one that will take us to the fountain of youth.

The good news is, there is a product called Pearl Powder, an Ancient Chinese beauty secret that has been used for over 3000 years for lustrous, pure, beautiful skin…a treasure that was used for centuries by Asians, Egyptians, Chinese, Mayans and Indians for health and youthful vitality, as well as for beautifying the skin. It is renown for fighting wrinkles and the signs of aging. Unbenownst to many, Pearl powder is a “Secret ingredient” in many of today’s top selling skin care creams and lotions.

Pearl powder has always been a beloved skin conditioner and supplement for the ancient nobilities and is severed to the Emperor and empress today. During the Ching Dynasty Empress Dowage began taking Pearl Powder internally as well as applying it to her face.

Pearl powder is a finely milled powder from quality freshwater pearls and its naturally compatible and easily absorbed by the skin and body. The medicinal and beauty benefits of pearls have long been known to the Chinese, proven non-toxic and harmless to ingest and apply topically to skin. It actually clears away toxic materials from the body.

Chinese Pearl Powder is 100% Pure freshwater Pearls specifically chosen for their health and beauty properties. Once the pearls are chosen they are disinfected, and then ground down into pure 100% Pearl Powder. It has a full compliment of about 18 amino acids, and over a dozen minerals, including 10 essential amino acids necessary for the human body to heal and maintain cell nutrition. It is high in calcium too! Pearl is also used as a major beauty tonic because of its rich source of amino acids.

These essential building blocks of collagen and protein each have a specific function. Lacking any one of the key amino acids causes the skin to look dried, wane, depleted, old and wrinkled. Researchers claim that various components of pearl can stimulate the metabolism’s activities of the genetic material in a cell – the DNA and RNA – thus promotes and accelerates the regeneration of new cells.

Pearl Powder contains calcium carbonate and when taken internally, strenghtens bones, muscles and nerves. It reduces skin blemishes and rebuilds your health. Use it as a cooling beverage, taken with water, tea or juice. Pure genuine pearl powder does not totally dissolve in water or liquid, so be sure you stir as you drink. Put it in milk, tapioca, puddings, and malts. Pearl Powder can also be applied to the face as a beauty mask for rejuvenation and a flawless, silky complexion.

Studies in China have proven that High Quality Pure pearl powder enhances the activity of superoxide dismutase (SOD), the antioxidant enzyme which quickly and thoroughly removes melanin or pigmentation, thus to make skin whiter and brighter. And because SOD eliminates free radicals, skin aging and wrinkles thus can be prevented.

It has special attributes for removing skin ulcers, melasma (which causes freckles, age spots, and dark patches on the skin), wrinkles, as well as nourishes the skin and makes it smooth, fine, elastic, healthy and naturally beautiful. Pearl Powder also contains natural sunscreens.

The incredible benefits of pearl powder include: Healing, skin brightening, anti-wrinkling, and sun protection. Pearl Powder is used for calming the heart which relieves stress and anxiety, alleviates fear, eases frustration and anger, improves sleep and eases fatigue. Pearl Powder invigorates blood circulation and it is said that when Pearl Powder is made into a paste, heals rash’s and boils.

Pearl powder can also accelerate the healing of trauma, fasciitis, gastric and duodenum ulcers and stop bleeding. Studies have proven that Chinese pearl powder has effects in resisting aging, radiation & cancer and regulates the immune system.

Pearl can tranquilize the nerves and brighten the eyes, expel sputum, stop diarrhea, fever and turbid spermatorrhea, and remove toxic substances from the body. Its wonderful for removing for acne, acne scaring, scars in general, and for reducing enlarged pores.

Other benefits: calming and detoxification, protects from environmental radicals, relieves internal fever, clears sputum, stops diarrhea, removes visual obstacles and improves eyesight, promotes muscle development, enhances elasticity and smooths skin texture.

According to ancient Chinese history, visual artistes in the Tang Dynasty began using Pearl Powder on their faces to protect and beautify their skin when applying stage makeup. During the Ching Dynasty Empress Dowage began taking Pearl Powder internally as well as applying it to her face.

Pearl has a multitude of medicinal and anti aging applications which will keep you young looking and healthy throughout your aging years.

Be sure when you buy Pearl Powder you buy Pure Genuine freshwater Pearl Powder…Pearl Powder that comes from the same area reserved to gather pearls made especially for the ancient Emperors and Empresses of China.

Discover The Power Of Pearl Powder Today!http://pearl-powder.agedefying-secrets.com

Sarah Anderson, born in 1949, is the web owner of Sarah’s Age Defying Secrets where she has revealed a treasury of anti aging strategies, tips and techniques, and scientific breakthroughs to help people restore and maintain their youth. Now you can discover the little-known secrets yourself. http://agedefying-secrets.com

www.protocolsupplements.com Not all amino acid supplements are created the same. This video gives some helpful information about how to find the right amino acid supplements for your needs. Find out the facts and get on the right amino acids.Welcome to another installment on what you need to know when shopping for amino acid supplements. The main variable is what is the origin of the protein (amino acids), most companies use whey as their base product. An important thing to remember is that if you learn what to look for in any product you use, you can move past the marketing and advertising hype and make an informed decision based on education and knowledge. Now back to the subject. The second thing to know is what type of processing was use to get it into a powder or pill form (most mass produced amino acid supplements are in one of these two forms). Whey protein, out of most supplemental proteins, seems to be the best absorbed. As you will see, these supplements have a much lower Net Nitrogen Utilization (NNU) than eating regular food and are just dismal when compared to MAP (Master Amino Pattern). What they do provide is quick access to protein after training with little prep required, usually just mixed with water. I have listed the 4 methods for manufacturing whey so if you decide to use it, you can make an informed decision. www.protocolsupplements.com www.protocolsupplements.com www.thetruthaboutxyng-zing.com
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David Wolfe Hosts 3-Day Longevity Conference: Top Wellness Experts Reveal Tomorrow’s Best Natural Health and Nutrition Information Today

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) March 8, 2010

David Wolfe?s 3-day Longevity Conference features some of the world?s top natural health leaders and visionaries presenting topics on how to live longer and feel younger, detoxify, anti-aging from the inside out, increase energy and building and maintaining a strong immune system at the Costa Mesa Hilton in Costa Mesa, California on March 26-28, 2010. As new health technologies are being frequently discovered, it is crucial to stay ahead of the curve with the most up-to-date information available today. The Longevity Conference 3-day holistic health event offers attendees an intimate opportunity to take personal control of their own health and vitality by making more informed decisions.

David Wolfe’s approach to wellness includes superfoods, herbs, and organic raw food among other top protocols. ?Consumers today are aware of some of the basics of good health practices but have not been exposed to the latest findings or they don?t know how to incorporate them into their daily lives.? Wolfe continues, ?I have created a conference featuring the best of the best educators to help solve people?s challenges with the health information overload often seen today. We will cut through the clutter and deliver the newest principles in an entertaining, simple and empowering way.?

Featured Presentations at The March 2010 Longevity Conference include:

David Wolfe

Learn about DNA-rich superfoods and Herbs, Sugar and Aging, Why ?The Quality of a Person?s Diet is the Quality of a Person?s Dietary Fats and Oils.?

Paul Stamets

Keynote Presentation: How Mushrooms Can Save the World

Stamet?s latest book, Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World, has been heralded as a milestone for healing the planet. Used as textbooks around the world by the gourmet and medicinal mushroom industries, he is also the author of many scholarly papers in peer-reviewed journals.

In 2008, Paul received the National Geographic Adventure?s Magazine?s Green-O-vator and the

Why Are Researchers So Impressed With Probiotics?

Why Are Researchers So Impressed With Probiotics?

The longest living people in the world have known this secret for centuries. The health benefits of fermented foods that replenish the good bacteria in your gut.


Only recently have researchers become very excited about the promising results they are observing involving the effects of Probiotics on auto-immune diseases such as lupus, Graves’ disease, psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease(Crohn’s Disease and ulcerative colitis), rheumatoid arthritis and type 1 diabetes.

“We know that Probiotics are strong regulators of regulatory immune responses. That’s why they hold so much promise for preventing and treating autoimmunity”, says Dr. Gary Huffnagle, a professor of internal medicine at the University of Michigan Medical Center and author of The Probiotics Revolution.

With serious side effects in result of treatments for inflammation and abnormal immune responses, Probiotics have been shown to actually send signals to the immune system that reduce destructive overreactions such as inflammation, are considered safe to take on a long term basis and have many other positive effects on the body.

If you suffer from allergies, you can now understand that your uncomfortable allergic responses are the result of your overactive immune system attacking harmless substances such as dust, cat dander, peanuts, etc. Current research also shows that Probiotics may help prevent and fight asthma.

Certified Organic Probiotic Superfood formulation delivers the basic 13 live strains of lactobacillus bacteria along with nutrient dense, 26 whole foods they require to flourish.

Certified Organic Probiotic Superfood probiotics have been predigested so that the protective lactic acid is released. The barrier it forms helps to protect the bacteria and act as a natural preservative that safeguards the nutrients from degradation.

If you’re searching for a superior product that can help meet your nutritional requirements, support your immune system, and complement your weight loss or detoxification program look no further. Certified Organic Probiotic Superfood is a super addition to your daily regime. Get more information here

“A kent ‘annos” is the Sardinian greeting that means “may you live to be 100″

“A kent ‘annos” is the Sardinian greeting that means “may you live to be 100″.

Wouldn’t you like to be greeted with “may you live to be 100″ every day? I know I would!

I read the excerpt for this book and was fascinated by the content summary. Did the people of Sardinia stumble across the secret to longevity? Or is it just a great diet and lifestyle? Or do they consume a probiotic super food?


Not only do the people of Sardinina live for a long time…the men live almost as long as the women.

Journalist Ben Hills and his photographer partner Mayu Kanamori interviewed 24 centenarians on the island of Sardinia – looking for the secret of their long life. Is it the hard work, the lifestyle or perhaps the red wine grown from the local grape variety called cannonau, which consumed with such enthusiasm on the island? Ben describes the red wine of Sardinia as bold and hearty…a “heroic” red which would make the big reds of the Barossa (the Barossa Valley, a wine region in South Australia) look like delicate little roses.

Ben and Mayu attend a birthday party where the lively 109 year woman celebrated with the local spirit called “Iron string”. They met devoted couple Silvio and Efisio Piras, who had married in 1922, the year Mussolini became Prime Minister…Efisio remembers him as “too bossy” and doing little for Sardinia. Ben says he could see by the liveliness in their eyes that they were still very much in love.

They met Salvatore Spano a 100 year old folk dancer who insisted on demonstrating how he could still stand on his head.

Ben Hills’ book is called “The Island of the Ancients“# and features on the cover, a photograph of Antonio Argiolas, a 101 year old winemaker who still goes to work every day and takes a keen interest in each year’s vintage of Cannonau.

So what is their secret, you ask? Maybe it is the fermented foods they eat every day. The same fermented foods that have gone missing from the western diet. And this fermented food can be re-introduced into your daily diet by eating a highly nutritious, certified organic, probiotic, super food. Get it now! Click here!

“A teaspoon a day will keep the doctor away”, and you too will soon be hearing “A kent ‘annos” – “may you live to be 100″.

Have a sensational day! John Pastor

#The Island of the Ancients is published by Pier 9, an imprint of Murdoch Books, in Australia and the United Kingdom. It will also be published in Brazil by Editora Prumo later in 2008.