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Eye movement speed linked to impulsive decision making

One of the most frustrating things about shopping in a grocery store can be the long lines at the cash register. Do you stand there and wait for the line to go down? Or do you join another line that looks quicker? According to new research, decisions such as this may be dependent on the speed of our eye movements.
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China’s One Child Policy Is Making Its People Less Trustworthy And Conscientious

China’s somewhat drastic imposition of its One Child Policy (OCP) – which was brought in to control the country’s ever-increasing population problem – is thought to have had some serious effects on the characteristics of its people, making them less competitive, less trustworthy and overall less conscientious…
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Does Reality Blend With Fiction When Making Decisions In Video Games?

With a moral theme increasingly running through today’s popular video games, scientists questioned whether moral decisions made by the players resulted from feelings of guilt, and whether immoral actions, including violence and theft, affected the enjoyment of the game. There have been several studies analyzing the effects of video games, due to the great controversy these games have created…
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Making the Most of Your Digestive Health Supplements

Article by John Smith

Unfortunately, many people see digestive health supplements as a kind of miracle cure or stop-gap that allows them to eat whatever they want without seeing any bad results. However, that is simply not the way that digestive supplements are designed to work. Like the name says, they are intended to supplement your digestive health, not create it. In order for a digestive health supplement to work to its fullest potential, there are a few simple things that you need to do to keep your body receptive and responsive to the supplement.

Choose the Right One

This is a critical mistake that so many people make when it comes to digestive health supplements. Choosing the wrong digestive supplement for your body or lifestyle is certainly not going to get you the results you want, and may even exacerbate underlying digestive problems.

Additionally, choosing a digestive supplement that clashes with any medication that you are taking is another classic mistake that people make when it comes to using a digestive health supplement. Many medications do not list interactions with health supplements, since they are not considered medication per se, so it’s important to ask your doctor or medical practitioner if you should expect any interactions between your medication and a digestive health supplement.


Though a digestive health supplement can help fix many digestive problems, if you insist on putting certain things in your body, you are not going to get the best results out of your digestive health supplements. Just as you wouldn’t expect a car to run properly on water just because you use the best engine oil, you can’t expect your digestive health supplement to give you optimal digestion if you continually put processed, starchy, and sugary foods into your body.

Although you certainly don’t have to follow a super-health diet (unless you want to), you should be aware of the results that certain foods have on your body, and try to choose foods that will compliment, rather than limit, the effectiveness of your digestive health supplement. Unlike with medication, determining which foods work best with your digestive health supplement is pretty easy — almost any whole, fresh food with lots of nutrients is going to work well.


Finally, your digestive system is not going to work appropriately no matter how many supplements you take if you don’t get even a little bit of exercise. The body is an intensely integrated machine, and any malfunction in one area is going to affect the others. So even if you only walk for ten minutes a day, try to get some kind of exercise in to support your digestive health, and the efforts of your digestive health supplement.

Despite your best efforts, you may find that a certain digestive health supplement simply isn’t working to its full potential — but you shouldn’t worry, it could be that it is simply incompatible with your body chemistry. However, taking the time to choose the right digestive supplement, eat a reasonable diet, and exercise a little will certainly boost your chances of getting the best results from any diet supplement you choose to take.

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Making Probiotics At Home: Kombucha Tea From Mother Culture

Probiotics play an important role in healing arthritis because they help to re-populate the stomach and intestines with healthy bacteria. In this video, Barbara Allan explains how to make kombucha tea at home. Kombucha tea is more than just a probiotic food, it also supplies the body with organic acids, enzymes, and polyphenols, or antioxidants. It helps to detoxify the body and increase digestive and immune function. For more information visit: www.conqueringarthritis.com Buy Conquering Arthritis on Amazon.com: www.amazon.com

Video about probiotics
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Gluten Sensitivity, Is Your Food Making You Sick? by Jeffrey Dach MD

Migraines and Food Allergies

A connection between gluten sensitivity and psoriasis is well known. (18-20)  In addition, I mentioned to Jim that food allergies can cause migraines (7), and gluten sensitivity can cause migraine headaches (8,9).     In fact, gluten sensitivity is associated with all sorts of neurological disorders: cerebellar ataxia, epilepsy, myoclonic ataxia, chronic neuropathies, and dementia, mainly in middle-aged adults.(10-13)  I suggested to Jim it was likely that a gluten free diet would be helpful in reducing his migraines.(8-9) 

Gluten Testing with Entero-Labs

Jim’s lifestyle made it difficult for him to go Gluten free, so I suggested he try the EnteroLabs gluten test.  Sure enough, the test panel came back positive.  Jim went on a gluten free diet, and 4 weeks later called me to report his migraines were much better.  This article will discuss sensitivity to wheat gluten, a condition which is epidemic, yet mainly ignored or unknown by the medical system.(20)

What is wheat gluten sensitivity?

left image: Bread, courtesy of wikimedia commons 

Gluten is a protein is wheat products, such as bread, pasta, wheat cereals etc.  About 1% or more of the population reacts to wheat gluten with an immune response and an inflammatory disorder of the small intestine which may cause malabsorption of key minerals, amino acids and vitamins.   This has an inherited autoimmune component andgenetic testing is available.(17)  Other diagnostic testing involves looking for the antibodies called TTG (transglutaminase) in stool or blood samples.

Immune Response In the Wall of the Small Bowel-Malabsorption

The immune response involves production of various antibodies and immune cells which damages the small intestine, reducing its absorptive ability.  This is called malabsorption, and results in the inability to absorb key vitamins and minerals such as Iron, Calcium, folate and B12.  These abnormalities will show up on the blood count as iron deficiency anemia, and B12/folate deficiency anemia.(22)   gluten sensitivity, celiac disease may cause malabsorption of calcium, and the DEXA bone density scan may show osteoporosis (21).  

Any Organ Can Be Involved

The auto-immune response can circulate freely through the body, crossreacting with other organ systems, unpredictably. 

Immune Response in the Skin and Hair Follicles

Another common place for the immune response to attack is the skin, with a characteristic skin lesion called Dermatiformis Herpetiformis (it resembles Herpes) with intense burning, itching and blistering skin rash which is usually symmetrically distributed on the elbows, knees and the buttocks.  The rash usually starts as small blisters that errupt into small erosions.  Dermatologists will make the diagnosis of gluten sensitivity by doing a skin biopsy  showing characteristic findings.   Immunofluorescence of normal skin next to the vesicle typically shows granular IgA deposits in the upper dermis. (27-29)  If the scalp is involved, this is called Alopecia Areata with patchy hair loss caused by auto-antibodies reacting with the hair follicles.(25-26) 

Vascular System

If the immune response attacks the vascular system, there may be increased venous thrombo-embolism, stroke (2)(3), and coronary artery disease, etc.   Thus, gluten sensitivity is one of the major causes of migraine headaches since it may cause inflammation of cerebral arteries, or the brain itself.  (9)

Neurological Problems

If the immune response attacks the brain or spinal cord, this may cause a neurological disorder (4, 10-16) such as ataxia (5), uncoordination, peripheral neuropathy (tingling with pins and needles)(6).

Going to the Endocrinologist

The patient with gluten sensitivity may end up at the endocrinologist’s office with issues such as: Type 1 diabetes mellitus, autoimmune thyroid disease, Addison disease, osteomalacia, secondary hyperparathyroidism, vitamin D or iron deficiency, fertility problems, hypogonadism in men, and autoimmune hypopituitarism.(23)  Autioimmune thyroid disease is especially common among people with gluten sensitivity, with elevated anti-thyroid antibodies (Hashimotos) which decrease after initiating a gluten free diet.(24) One can make a case for gluten sensitivity testing for all patients with autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimotos).

The Heart

The gluten sensistive patient may have heart involvement with cardiomyopathy, a serious and potentially lethal form of heart failure.  In addition, the gluten sensitive individual may have heart rhythm abnormaliies such as atrial fibrillation, reversible with a gluten free diet, if diagnosed early.Testing for gluten sensitivity should be done for such patients.(30-31)


A unusual lung disease of unknown etiology called Sarcoidosis is linked to gluten sensitivity.  Sarcoidosis is thought to be an auto-immune disease because the treatment is immune suppression with prednisone.  These patients may benefit from a gluten free diet.(34)

Addisons, Adrenal Failure

Complete failure of the adrenal glands to manufacture cortisol is called Addisons Disease and is associated with gluten sensitivity.(35)  These patients may benefit from a gluten free diet.

Going on a Gluten Free Diet

Patients may go for decades with health problems, running through a succession of doctors, yet remain undiagnosed by the mainstream medical system.  Treatment is usually curative with a Gluten Free Diet (GFD) which means avoiding all wheat products such as breads, pasta, wheat cereals, bakery goods etc.

Jeffrey Dach MD

for links and references, see original article at: 


Written by JeffreyD
author of book, Natural Medicine 101

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Making a Certified Organic Perfume

Perfume is one common item that people will be used by almost all of them. They love to use perfume to boost their confident and also performance. People will need a powerful, fresh and also joyful smell that will accompany them in their daily activity. There are lot choices of perfume that are available in the today market. They are difference in fragrance, smell and also ingredients.

However, the organic ones also become popular choices among any other types that you can find today. Making your own perfume is challenging and also easy task to do if you get the right method. If you can make it, you can use it as you perfume or you can also use it as a great gift for your beloved ones.

You can choose a lot variant of organic ingredients such as flower and also fruits that are easily find in your home. If you do, you will also need to prepare any other ingredients such as essential oil, water, vodka, carrier oil, glycerin, bottle and also unbleached cheesecloth.

First, you will need to make basic water of your perfume that are composing from flower blooms of cheesecloth and also water. Please leave it for about 24 hours and then wring it into the saucepan. The next steps, you need to boil and also evaporate it to reduce the amount of concentrate.

Moreover, you also need to create the alcohol based by mixing scented essential oil, vodka and also water. All of them are mixed in certain amount based on the total amount of the perfume you are going to have.

After those steps are finished, you also need to dilute the essential oil and carrier oil. It is needed to dilute to avoid any possibilities of irritation that you can get from the strong fragrance of essential oil. You only need to mix it and you already have your own perfume that is ready to be used.

Considering the organic perfume will be also great investment you can have for your healthy. You may also need to learn more about organic skin products that will also inform you about organic shower gel for your needs.

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