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Reasons To Prevent Fake Money Circulation

Fake currency notes are counterfeit currencies circulated in Indian economy. This issue is a serious problem which needs urgent attention among media and public. Our government alarms about the danger spread in Indian economy because of fake money circulation.
This article is written in order to bring awareness among people about fake money circulation and terrible effects spread in economy due to it. As public we should be responsible and conscious to completely eliminate fake money circulation among the society.
As taking a step forward we can see the purpose, danger effects and protective measures for fake money circulation.

Idea behind fake money circulation:
The two major reasons for fake money circulation is,
1.For ones own purpose:
Some skilled criminals get fake notes Printed using high quality printing presses, special inks and exchange those fake notes in market for buying any product. This is equivalent to buying things without money. Some of criminals use this technique for their own purpose and convert Fake notes to genuine notes.

2.To Weaken Economy:
There is several terrorists gang spread fake money into society to weaken the Economy of our country. This also helps them promote & sponsoring their activities in the country.

Reasons to prevent it:
1.The circulation of fake money into economy should be immediately banned and stopped. Since it affects the development of nation.
2.It is absolutely punishable according to law. As counterfeit money flow is against nation, the people involved in this activity can be punished by court.
3.100% illegal activity.
4.Exchange of fake note is crime.
5.It reduces the value of the currency & brings chaos among the public to freely and absolutely accepting currency from others.
6.Common people are affected because 100, 500, 1000 rupee fake notes are in circulation. Even at many times Common man is in trouble by unknowingly accepting or issuing fake note.
7.Fake Notes Tremendously affects Business Houses, Traders, Retailers, Shopkeepers, Corporate, Financial Institutions & Almost every commercial establishment in Nook & Corner of this country. It affects their profitability, brings chaos in their organization and also seriously affects their employees and at times they give up their job also.

Few tips to differentiate genuine note and fake note:
Now days, a common man should also know to differentiate fake money and genuine ones. Have a careful look on money before buying it from other people.
1.The number panel of notes is printed using fluorescent ink and they are of standard size. If the panel size of notes varies, then it is not a genuine note.
2.The water mark in new currency note depicts Mahatma Gandhi, visible from both front and back in transmitted light.

However, the modern Fake Notes are very smart and have almost all the features that an Original Currency possesses. This makes it ideally impossible to differentiate between fakes and genuine notes. Particularly in 500 & 1000 rupees denomination, with similar security features present on the Fake notes, its not possible to differentiate the Fake notes.

Accurate preventive procedures to completely eradicate fake notes:
Only one person cannot completely eradicate this problem. This is social crisis so public and media should help government to eliminate it.

Fake note detectors are ideal solution for identifying fake notes in bank, ATMs, hospitals and in many other places. One of greatest advantage of using fake note detector are people need not check each and every currency notes manually. Also it reduces the effects of human error drastically. Fake note detectors can help reduce the effects of accepting fake notes & thus save you from Potential losses or getting into legal troubles, even if you unknowingly one or more fake notes are deposited in the bank, you can meet legal consequences.

With new & advanced technology, fake notes detection is now possible even in bundled currency. With MX50i – Intelligent note counting machines from Maxsell, one can find presence of fake note in a bundle at the time of counting itself. Its accuracy is very high and assures 100% detection of Fake notes in both old & new versions of currency. It has been tested at RBI, ICICI Bank Currency Chests across the country and all Major Banks in India for its capability to detect any type of Fake note while counting.

Also Truscan from Maxsell can detect fake notes of all types for Users who do not get bundle of currency. For Retail outlets and small business establishments Truscan is very handy & useful. Both products from Maxsell have some special sensors mounted, which Scan, read and Verify each currency in split second and thus help the user to easily, quickly and accurately verify currency.

You can know more about fake note detector and techniques used in it to spot fake notes by visiting www.maxsell.com

Inspirational quotes and motivational quotes about money

by nyxie

Inspirational quotes It’s not how many times you get knocked down. It’s how many times you get back up.


Motivational Inspirational Quotes “Money is like a sixth sense – and you can’t make use of the other five without it”


I want to be financially independent. I want to work (if I decide to work) on what I enjoy the most, not on what pays me the most.


Motivation is a fire from within. If someone else tries to light that fire under you, chances are it will burn very briefly.


A bank is a place where they lend you an umbrella in fair weather and ask for it back when it begins to rain.


Inspirational quotes – Many speak the truth when they say that they despise riches, but they mean the riches possessed by other men.


A penny saved is a penny earned.


There is some magic in wealth, which can thus make persons pay their court to it, when it does not even benefit themselves.

How strange it is, that a fool or knave, with riches, should be treated with more respect by the world, than a good man, or a wise man in poverty!


“Money never made a man happy yet, nor will it. The more a man has, the more he wants. Instead of filling a vacuum, it makes one.”


Motivational quotes – Motivation is like food for the brain.

You cannot get enough in one sitting. It needs continual and regular top up’s.


Paying for yesterday is perhaps the most important investment you can make in your future. Getting rid of those debts will buy you breathing room. It will buy a future of freedom. And it will bring your dreams — the things you really, really want — into reach.


When a fellow says it ain’t the money but the principle of the thing, it’s the money.


Buy when everyone else is selling and hold until everyone else is buying. That’s not just a catchy slogan. It’s the very essence of successful investing.


Quotes – The safe way to double your income is to fold it over once and put it in your pocket.


Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pound ought and six, result misery.


Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.


I want to be thoroughly used up when I die, for the harder I work the more I live. I rejoice in life for its own sake.


Either you run the day, or the day runs you.


It’s not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It’s the customer who pays the wages.


Quotes – When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost.


My idea of being rich — or at least of feeling rich — is to have no debts, mortgage, or overdraft and to be able to pay all bills by return post. This may seem a fairly modest ambition, but if everyone in the West were in this position our societies would indeed merit the term “affluent,” and the world would be a much happier place.


Inspirational quotes about life – The best place to uplift your spirit with motivational quotes. Read Motivational Inspirational Quotes



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Money Saving Grocery Tips: What You Should and Shouldn’t Buy Organic

by hokkey

Article by Hillary Marshak

Sure, we have all heard that organic fruits and vegetables might be healthier for us but in these hard economic times, who wants to pay those expensive prices? Find out how you can save money and still live free of harmful chemicals with this helpful guide to understanding organics.

Have you ever stood in the produce section of your grocery store glancing back and forth between the organic apples and the conventional (regular) apples wondering “Why should I pay more for organic? They look exactly the same!” I have, and nine times out of ten I’ll choose the conventional apple simply because they are cheaper. The truth is buying one or two apples at a time makes it hard to conceptualize the benefits I receive for spending that extra money on organic quality and I think this might be the case for many of us.Why Buy Organic?

In order to understand how we can save money when it comes to organic produce, we must first understand what “organic” really means. The term “organic” can be confusing and often times, it sounds like a health fad that will come and pass.

Organic refers to a crop or animal raised without the use of pesticides or antibiotics. In today’s day in age, many farmers and crop growers like to get the most yield out of what they’ve got so they use extra hormones or pesticides to grow larger amounts of food that will last longer. The concept is a great one and really helpful for communities who aren’t as close to sources of food, but the problem is it isn’t natural. Over time, continuous consumption of unnaturally raised crops or animals can have negative effects on our nutrition. Many of these chemicals or hormones decrease the amount of nutrients therefore making fruits, vegetables and meats less healthy.What To Buy Organic

The most harmful conventional foods are those that most easily absorb pesticides. Whether they have thinner skin like apples or grapes, or they have more surface area to allow pesticides to infiltrate (like berries), you should only consume the organic variety of these fruits and vegetables when possible. Additionally, fruits and vegetables that are coming from farther away will be sprayed with more preservatives, ridding this produce of most of their nutrients. This list of the twelve most pesticide-prone foods is called the Dirty Dozen.

The Dirty Dozen is a list of foods that are most susceptible to chemicals in crop raising and in which you SHOULD purchase the organic variety. According to Organic.org, they are:PeachesApplesSweet Bell PeppersCeleryNectarinesStrawberriesCherriesPearsGrapes (Imported)SpinachLettucePotatoes

A good rule of thumb when you’re in the grocery store and can’t remember this list is to consider the fragility of the skin or leaves of your fruit and vegetable. The thinner the skin, the higher chance you should still buy organic. But don’t forget, that leaves many fruits and vegetables that you don’t need to buy organic.What You Don’t Need To Buy Organic

Saving money is just as important as eating healthy and with this list of produce that doesn’t need to be organic, you can do both. Not all fruits and vegetables are grown with harmful additives or pesticides. Sometimes certain produce isn’t sprayed as heavily with pesticides. Additionally, fruits and vegetables with thicker skins are generally much better at keeping harmful chemicals out of the food inside. Not to mention, when the skin is thicker (like with oranges and lemons), we don’t eat the skin anyway. That means that buying organic fruits and vegetables with thicker skins serves virtually no benefit over their cheaper conventional counterparts. Save your extra bucks and buy the following produce items from the conventional aisle.

According to Organic.org. the 12 produce items least contaminated by pesticides are:

OnionsAvocadoSweet Corn (Frozen)PineapplesMangoAsparagusSweet Peas (Frozen)Kiwi FruitBananasCabbageBroccoliPapaya

Just remember, there is no need to buy organic thick-skinned produce!More Organic Money Saving and Healthy Tips

Pay attention to what your family eats. If your family loves apples, go for the organic apples as they are probably ingesting many chemicals from conventional apples. If you notice you’re buying grapes and no one’s eating them, it’s not as necessary to buy the organic variety. Make a list of your family’s favorite fruits and vegetables and keep it with you when you go grocery shopping.

Shop Seasonally. Many grocery stores like to feature seasonal produce by putting these items on sale. Many grocery stores that feature organic foods like Whole Foods will promote their organic items as they are seasonal, allowing savings to be had for both conventional and organic produce.More Like This:Eating OrganicOrganic Food MergerYour Organic Food Is Hurting The Environment

Hillary Marshak is a writer and editor for Recipe4Living.com, a popular recipe sharing Website. For more articles like this, or for a large collection of recipes, visit the site at http://www.Recipe4Living.com.

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Kylea’s Improved-Tasting Total Living Drink Greens Makes Up For What Americans Are Lacking In Nutrition While Saving Them Money

Naperville, Ill. (PRWEB) May 10, 2010

Kylea provides nutritional solutions for people who are looking to improve their overall health and increase their energy levels. The newest of Kylea’s dietary supplements is the Total Living Drink Greens, with improved flavor, which contains the nutrient value of over nine products. The Total Living Drink Greens is a comprehensive regimen of energizing whole foods that will let users sustain energy all day long, every day. But just as important, it will support the body by covering the nine major areas of nutrition people need every single day. So instead of going to the local health food store and walking out with several different products and spending inordinate amounts of money, customers can order online and only pay for one product.

Kylea’s New Total Living Drink Greens is a whole-food super-food with almost 11 grams of protein and the nutritional equivalent of 7 servings of organic vegetables. So while others are buying numerous diet products at the grocery store that advertise extra protein, Kylea customers can buy just one product and get all the protein needed for a healthy diet. Each scoop of the Total Living Drink Greens provides the body with protein for building lean muscle; phytonutrients (found in organic vegetables) for superior health and wellness; enzymes for better calorie utilization; pro-biotics (friendly bacteria) for colon and intestinal health; antioxidants for anti-aging, disease prevention and better immune function; herbs designed for internal organ and blood cleansing; amino acids for internal healing; vitamins and minerals for energy, immune function and overall health. Aside from the health benefits from the Total Living Drink Greens, customers will also be saving a bundle of money by simply buying one supplement instead of the 9 or 10 they are using now.

Kylea’s formula for the nutrient packed Total Living Drink Greens is simply the best for people who are looking to live a healthier and more energized life. Jerry Rose, National TV Personality and President of the Total Living Network has this to say about Kylea’s Total Living Drink Greens, “There are a lot of supplements on the market to choose from, but for me the choice is obvious: The Total Living Drink Greens. I care enough about my health to want the best available and I can’t do better than the Total Living Drink Greens. Having gone through a health challenge last year, it is especially important to do everything I can to rebuild my immune system and protect my health. When I discussed the Total Living Drink Greens with a Naturopathic doctor and showed her the ingredients label she confirmed its high quality and recommended its use. The Total Living Drink Greens has become a vital part of my daily routing. I owe it to myself.” Aside from other similar accolades, the Total Living Drink Greens can also tout a great new flavor for its users.


Grow Fresh Organic Vegetables ?Eliminate The Confusion- Eat Healthy-Make Money

certified organic
by avlxyz

in your own backyard knowing you are doing something beneficial for your health and your pocketbook.

can be a great asset not only to your physical health and well being but could also improve your financial health as well. What is this organic thing all about anyhow?  Well I’m sure by now that a “organic produce” section has come to your favorite grocery store. You know, the place where you can buy supposedly fresh fruit and vegetables without worrying if synthetic fertilizers and harmful pesticides among other harmful practices were used in their production.

Fresh?  Maybe, but for many of us this produce has to travel 2000 miles or more before landing on the grocery store shelves. Is it really organic? Well, we have what is called Organic certification and it addresses a growing worldwide demand for organic food, some 20% a year, and  is intended to assure quality, prevent fraud, and to promote commerce. Enter the bureaucracy, the  NOP, USDA, and the QAI the largest organic certifier in the world.

all have comprehensive organic legislation, and the term “organic” can be used only by certified producers. Being able to use the word “organic” on food products is a valuable marketing tool in today’s consumer market, but does not guarantee that the products are legitimately organic. Organic labeling made possible by certification itself usually requires some explanation. In countries without organic laws, government guidelines may or may not exist, here certification is handled by non-profit organizations and private companies. In addition the USDA makes no claim that commercial organically grown food is safer.


“100% organic”- single ingredient such as a fruit, vegetable, meat, milk and cheese (excludes water and salt).
“Organic”- multiple ingredient foods which are 95 to 100% organic.
“Made with organic ingredients” – 70% of the ingredients are organic and can appear on the front of the package, naming the specific ingredients.
“Contains organic ingredients” – contains less than 70% organic ingredients. Cannot be advertised to the public and can only be mentioned in the ingredient statement.

that Small farmers with less than ,000 in organic sales, such as those selling at small farmers’ markets, are exempt from the certification process but they still must be truthful in their label claims and comply with the new government standards.  However, it is the blind faith that I find amazing that is exhibited by so many of us that frequent these markets. What keeps a farmer from growing or buying non-organic produce and selling it as organic? Let us hope it is their reputation and integrity.

In July 2008, it was reported that organic powdered ginger that had been certified by QAI, was found when tested to be contaminated with the banned pesticide Aldicarb. The organic ginger from which the QAI certified organic powdered ginger originated had been certified organic by two other USDA accredited certifying agents in China. Under Chinese law, foreigners may not inspect Chinese farms. Also, under USDA National Organic Program rules QAI as an accredited certifying agent must accept the certification decisions of other accredited certifying agents. In this case I assume Chinese nationals .QAI was not the certifier in China.

Will you sleep better at night knowing all those bureaucratic acronyms are at work for you? The only thing that you can be sure about when buying organic food in a supermarket is that it will cost you more.

Grow fresh organic vegetables in your backyard, be in control. There are new techniques and methods available today that allow you to have greater yields in smaller spaces with less work, many times all year long. Not only will you save money, eat healthier but there should be plenty left over for you and the kids to sell out front to your neighbors or at a table at your nearest outdoor market making hundreds perhaps thousands of dollars a year.

If you would like to learn more about the methods I used to grow fresh organic vegetables, listen to the man who made it all possible at http://www.growfreshorganicvegetables.com

Buying Organic Food for Less: How to Save Money on Organic Fruits, Vegetables and More

Buying organic food is the right choice – it’s healthier, it tastes better, and it’s better for the environment. Although the production costs of growing and transporting organic foods sometimes means that it’s more expensive at the grocery store than conventional food, it is BETTER for your health in the long-term. Think about it: doesn’t it make more sense to spend NOW and save yourself years of doctor’s bills then it is to keep a couple extra bucks to yourself and suffering the consequences LATER?

Nonetheless, who doesn’t like to save some money? To help you pinch a few pennies, here are some ways you can SAVE (in the short-term AND long-term!) when you buy organic food:

Buy your most important purchases first. If you’re looking to try a new organic recipe this week, make a list of items you’ll need. You can try organic blueberries another time if you absolutely need organic bell peppers for a new dish.
Remember that thin-skinned fruits and vegetables are the MOST susceptible to pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and so on. If you have to limit your purchases, be sure to buy the following foods ORGANIC: apples, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, pears, lettuce, peppers, and spinach.
Buy your fruits and vegetables in season when they’re both freshest and in plenty supply. For example, spring is a great time to buy asparagus, zucchini, and strawberries (did you know May is National Strawberry Month?) -Shop at farmer’s markets and independent grocery stores, or join a food co-op. These places often offer a wider variety of organic foods, including fresher fruits and vegetables. Some food co-ops may require a membership fee or ask you to volunteer at the co-op for a few hours per month, but members usually get a discount when they shop. Use Organic Liaison’s Organic Network Locator to find grocery stores and farmer’s markets selling organic food nearest you.
If you’re a meat-eater, eating organic meats is definitely better than eating meat that comes from factory farms, where animals have been fed nutritionally-empty grains and kept in tight spaces until they’re slaughtered. Since meat is often more expensive, try choosing one kind of meat (beef, chicken, lamb) and experimenting in the kitchen. Use your “meat of the week” as the centerpiece around which you create your meals, such as chicken pasta one night, followed by chicken tacos the next.
Buy in bulk whenever possible. You can always freeze leftover portions you don’t use for next week.
Search for coupons from organic food companies like Organic Valley, Amy’s, Stonyfield Farm, Health Valley, and more. What are your tips for saving money on buying organic food? Share with us in the comments!

Photo: alancleaver_2000’s Flickr photostream/Creative Commons


*Featured article from the Organic Liaison Blog



Kirstie Alley’s Organic Liaison is a brand new, innovative weight loss program with the goal of “liaising” people from conventional eating habits to healthier organic ones while losing weight and supporting the body 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Organic Liaison membership offers a complete system including Rescue Me ™ weight loss elixir, the first USDA certified organic weight loss product; access to online tools including a daily journal, weight loss graph, daily menu planner; as well as other natural supplements and health tips to help members lose weight safely and effectively. Organic Liaison worked with experts in the fields of organics, nutrition and fitness to create an outstanding natural weight loss lifestyle and a comprehensive health and fitness community for their members.


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