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Debunking the ‘myths’ of global medical tourism

A team of British researchers is warning governments and health care organizations around the world not to fall for the myths and hype surrounding medical tourism. With the promise of a lucrative market and huge global market opportunities, the appeal of medical tourism is hard to miss…
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Probiotic Myths Abound

 The world of probiotics can be a confusing place sometimes. Yogurt companies hyping the benefits of their products, umpteen million probiotic companies claiming to be the best – what do you believe?

Well, my first recommendation is to do your homework. Educate yourself as to what is and isn’t real. Google terms like “Best Probiotic” and learn about what makes a probiotic actually work and qualifies it to be the best. At the same time you will also find plenty to read about what sets the stage for money wasted.

Anytime a product claims to deliver the highest dosage, don’t just accept it at face value. A LOT of companies pack what sounds like a huge dose into each pill, but the reality is that a lot of what you swallow dies in your stomach! To actually work, there needs to be a way to get the product through the acid of the stomach and into the intestines where it works.

What good is a huge dose it most of it dies before it gets used? – None!

Also, a lot of companies use soil based organisms in their probiotics but they don’t tell you that. These soil based organisms are not native to your body and can lead to problems if they make it beyond your intestinal tract. ONLY human based organisms are native, natural and therefore safe to ingest.

Another myth about probiotics is that they need to be taken everyday like a multi vitamin. Not so – there are many different ailments and tolerance levels to probiotics. Some doses can be low and infrequent and sometimes more than one a day is needed.

The list of probiotic myths and misconceptions goes on and on and there is no one all-encompassing place to go for clarification.

Again, rely on your own judgment, not what someone wants you to believe or tells you out of context.

Become an educated consumer and don’t fall for hype without proof!

Mike Homisak