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Pure Synergy Organic SuperFood Takes Nutritional Superfood to a Whole New Level

Article by Cheri Atkinson

Natural food substances emanate energy patterns that may be seen in the form of visible color coronas when photographed using Kirlian technology. In Mitchell May’s (founder of Pure Synergy Superfood) research to create a regenerative SuperFood formula, he searched the world for those natural foods that have very special and particular energy patterns. When taken into one’s body, these foods become a contributing part of the molecular and metabolic structures, and thus become a powerful energy resource for enhancing one’s health and well-being. His research and experiments were strongly leading to the conclusion that consuming certain very specific plants, botanicals, algae and other natural substances could significantly help one in maintaining or in coming back to homeostasis (proper alignment, balance and overall vital health).

During this time as part of his research, Mitchell tried nearly every commercial nutritional product available, only to discover that none of them delivered what he sought or what he believed was possible for an organic SuperFood. For this reason, he took it upon himself to find the most potent, balanced and perfect synergistic combination of beneficial natural, organically farmed nutritional substances. For the past 30 years, Mitchell has been conducting experiments. He undertook exhaustive searches to secure, test and view SuperFoods from around the world using the latest versions of Kirlian technology, photomicrography and polarized light field photography. Fortunately, he was connected with Dr. Thelma Moss’s parapsychology research laboratory at UCLA and so had access to testing equipment, knowledgeable authorities in the field, and other university resources.

Along with photographing the energy patterns of natural foods and other nutritional substances, Mitchell performed worldwide literature searches and interviewed many of the leading nutritionists, physicists, health professionals, alternative healing practitioners and other authorities about these superfoods and his personal research findings. His goal was to find, test and document those special superfoods that had the most potential to assist with human health and well-being. As part of his research, he discovered new methods for keeping the vital energy alive in foods. It was one thing to find these SuperFoods and quite another for him to learn how to retain the potency so that, at the time of consumption, the foods still retain that life-enhancing quality. Mitchell went to great lengths to ensure that the unique and valuable properties of these SuperFoods were not lost in harvesting or preparation.

Mitchell’s years of research led him to create his own SuperFood formula. As part of his own testing, he lived on this product of his experiments almost exclusively for over two years. During this time, he continued his experiments with the formulation, always seeking that synergy that would take the performance of a nutritional superfood to a whole new level. After 15 years of research, he created the nutritional formula for which he was searching–Pure Synergy.

Mitchell’s Pure Synergy formulation evolved over all those years of testing and research into a blend of nature’s most potent and nourishing foods, including such ingredients as rare, organically grown algae, organic cold- or freeze-dried green juices and vegetables, organic Asian herbs, organically grown and freeze-dried Western herbs, organically grown Asian mushrooms, natural plant enzymes, multiple antioxidants and many other special ingredients.

Seeing how Mitchell’s health thrived and his regenerative process was so supported by the Pure Synergy SuperFood formula, his colleagues and fellow healthcare practitioners began asking him to share it with them. From taking Pure Synergy, they too experienced increased energy, mental clarity, physical vitality and a renewed sense of well-being. Word-of-mouth requests for Pure Synergy grew to such an extent that Mitchell formed The Synergy Company to meet this ever-increasing demand. He now makes Pure Synergy at his own production facility, which is certified to manufacture organic and kosher products.http://bit.ly/puresynergy

Metaphyscian studying the Human Energy Field and Life Force Energy Field. Contributing to the frontier for modern research, and thedevelopment of new diagnostic and treatment systems to assist others in becoming aware of the powerful individual they are.

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What Would An Expert Say About The Nutritional Value Of An Apple?

What Would An Expert Say About The Nutritional Value Of An Apple?

We all know that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, right? No-one questions that apples are good for you, do they? No-one is calling for an investigation into whether or not an apple is good food.

Why not?

Because it is common sense, that’s why! We know the difference between what is food and what is absolute rubbish. Agree?

Then why oh why do we want to see scientific proof that fermented food is actually nutritious food? What is it with the scientific community?

Experts say probiotics are generally safe and in some cases might be helpful. Yet, no-one but no-one questions whether an apple is safe to eat. No-one is clamouring for scientific evidence that an apple is good for your health?

However the scientists are demanding that more research is needed into probiotics, and it’s a hot new area, reflecting a growing understanding of the role that naturally occurring intestinal bacteria play in health. Have we gone mad in our pursuit of scientific evidence that a certain probiotic food is better than another?

Maybe, maybe not? Actually, it is not so silly. We really do need to know how the probiotic food has come into existence, don’t you agree? I can tell you that any food, not just a probiotic food, that has been interfered with by man-made processes must be under suspicion. 99% of vitamin supplements come from scientific processes and have zero nutritional benefits.

Select a probiotic superfood sourced from certified organic origins. Make sure that it has been subjected to extremes of heat and cold. Make sure that through testing the probiotic colony forming units – only the strongest, hardiest, toughest strains survive and that they are continually subjected to ever increasing stress tests to make them even more resilient. Get 13 different strains of friendly bacteria in one teaspoon a day. One such product can be sourced from here.

To suggest that we humans are unable to tell the difference between junk and nutritious is ludicrous! The TV advertising plays on our very stupidity. However, when confronted with severe health challenges, we automatically turn to improving our diet. And we really do know the difference between junk and real food.

I can honestly attest that anyone tasting and eating a probiotic superfood will benefit from the daily intake and certainly will feel better and demonstrate a clear improvement in their health. That is what good nutrition is supposed to do!

Some people may even have a health reaction. All that is happening is that the body is recognising that it can finally release toxins stored within the body. Naturally, as the toxins pass out of the body, you may feel some inconvenience. However, all you need to do is cut back the concentrated food for 2-3 days (take 1/2 a teaspoon or a 1/4 teaspoon), and allow the toxic relief to slow-down, but continue to get a highly nutritious, readily assimilated food to do it’s work.

I encourage you to include a daily portion of a super-charged probiotic super food in your diet for the rest of your life. And make it “a probiotic superfood a day will keep the doctor away” future.

Like I say – “A teaspoon a day keeps the doctor away”. For testimonials and extra information click here

Have a sensational day! John Pastor