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Q&A: Has anyone tried the Acai Berry product that’s supposed to help you lose weight- does it work?

Question by Just me: Has anyone tried the Acai Berry product that’s supposed to help you lose weight- does it work?
I’m thinking of getting this product- has anyone tried it?
I asked at our local health food shop and the lady said something about using it with a colon cleanse product- or does the Acai berry stuff work on its own?

Best answer:

Answer by Boa
It is total crap, not worth a single cent.

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Natural Circulation Remedies May Include Rawleigh Product

Article by Vinnie Platania

Natural Circulation Remedies May Include Rawleigh Product – Health – Nutrition

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Most people don’t realize they have a problem with their circulation until they start developing problems, including tingling in their hands and feet or slow healing times. There are many causes for poor blood circulation, such as chronic disease. But no matter what the cause, getting your blood flowing again is critical to your health. Before you start taking blood thinners prescribed by your doctor, you may want to try natural circulation remedies. While many of these remedies use garlic, a product by Rawleigh relies on camphor oil to do the work.

Camphor oil does have a long history of providing medicinal benefits. For more than 100 years, it has used as parts of ointments to relax muscles, ease chest congestion, and speed up healing. Even today, cough suppressants and pain relievers from major over-the-counter drug manufacturers use camphor oil as one of their primary ingredients.

Part of the reason camphor works in natural circulation remedies is because it’s doing a very similar job to what it does as a treatment against sore muscles. By increasing the blood flow to those damaged muscles, healing will be faster and the discomfort will end sooner. The Rawleigh product, for example, is also commonly used as a treatment for aching and tight muscles.

Finding reliable natural circulation remedies is important because your body needs it. Your blood is responsible for bringing both nutrients and oxygen to the cells in every part of your body, including your brain. When your circulation is working poorly, it either takes too long for the blood to make the full trip or it simply can’t reach all of the necessary places, such as the extremities.

Poor blood circulation can lead to a condition known as neuropathy which can cause lethargy, reduced memory function, shortness of breath, irregular heartbeats, and numbness in your hands and/or feet. If you start experiencing these symptoms even in a mild form, you should consider taking some type of circulation treatment, possibly the one from Rawleigh.

If you do have problems with circulation, using natural circulation remedies is only one part of the treatment puzzle. Products like the one from Rawleigh can help but their effectiveness can be increased by lifestyle changes. Smoking, being overweight, and not exercising contribute significantly to circulation problems. By making changes to combat these factors, you’ll be able to help the natural treatment work better.

About the Author

W.T. Rawleigh founded Rawleigh Products in the late 1800s to create a line of “Good Health Products” that possessed both strength and quality. Visit http://www.rawleigh-products.com or Call # 1-800-992-1089

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Vinnie Platania

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W.T. Rawleigh founded Rawleigh Products in the late 1800s to create a line of “Good Health Products” that possessed both strength and quality. Visit http://www.rawleigh-products.com or Call # 1-800-992-1089

Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines
whereby the original author’s information and copyright must be included.

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Has anyone tried the Acai Berry product that’s supposed to help you lose weight- does it work?

Question by Just me: Has anyone tried the Acai Berry product that’s supposed to help you lose weight- does it work?
I’m thinking of getting this product- has anyone tried it?
I asked at our local health food shop and the lady said something about using it with a colon cleanse product- or does the Acai berry stuff work on its own?

Best answer:

Answer by CB
Just keep looking in the heath area of Yahoo!Answers. There’s someone who spams there regularly about these.

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Softlips-New Product Goes Green

I’ve had the recent pleasure of experiencing Softlips Pure, a new 100% natural lip balm line available in two light fruity flavors-Pomegranate and Honeydew-with ingredients that are 95% certified organic.

In other words, it’s “green”! If you’re naturally and organic-conscious, or chemically sensitive, this would be an excellent choice to add to your daily beauty routine.

There’s no synthetic chemicals or harmful ingredients involved; the all-natural emollients and conditioners include organic oils, beeswax, shea butter, Vitamin E, jojoba, (olive) fruit oil, and fruit extracts. No animal by-products are used nor is this tested on animals.

Did you know that Softlips Pure is the first lip balm in the U.S. available in the cold and cough aisle (of most mass retail, drug and supermarket stores nationwide) to be certified organic by the U.S. Department of Agriculture? You do now!

I was intrigued by the new Pure line; the package design’s really eye-catching (it’s also recyclable) and there were those two new flavors to try out. The price is .00 per lip balm (It’s well worth it; They last a good while!).

What a sensory delight! The pomegranate balm is like having a fresh, light apple taste lingering on your lips all day. The honeydew reminded me of the pleasant aftereffects of eating melon. (Now some of you may not be familiar with pomegranates or honeydew. A pomegranate is a sweet fruit that resembles an apple and is full of nutrient-packed seeds and Vitamins B, C, and E, to name a few. Since ancient times, the leaves, bark, fruit and rind, and even flowers were used to help in treating medical conditions. Honeydew is a sweet substance that oozes from the leaves of certain plants in hot weather; It’s also a variety of melon that’s good to eat and good for you to eat. It contains Vitamin C, potassium and calcium. Sweet as the flesh is, there are only 49 calories in 1 slice.)

The balms are packaged in a sleek, slim case that allows women to easily tuck them into pockets, purses or make-up cases.

You can use these products as is, or under or over lipstick as part of your daily lip care routine. Apply liberally on the lips as needed, especially if the lips will be exposed to the elements, such as direct sunlight, cold or wind. And the products can be reapplied after eating and drinking.

Softlips is the line of premium lip conditioners (balms) designed with skin-protecting ingredients while also keeping them soft and healthy. And they have a variety of other flavors-and now tints-that are out of this world!

I personally have Vanilla, Strawberry, Raspberry with Green Tea Extract (Try this with red berry lipstick!), Sugar Cookie, Winter Mint, and the Rose and Bronze Tints-The latter two flatter various skin tones; All of the abovementioned can be used as lipstick alternatives or to enhance your regular lipstick shades.

What I also love about Softlips is that there’s no greasy feeling or waxy build-up (I’ve previously tried other lip balms, including a couple of well-known brands, and had to stop using them. The grease and wax were so thick upon just the first application, that you really couldn’t put on or adjust any lipstick correctly. Eating was a nightmare, not to mention the sheer “yuck” factor. Softlips has restored my faith in lip balms!). I’m a very satisfied customer!

Please visit http://www.softlips.com to learn more.

Written by pjacobs

www.amway.ca www.amway.ca www.amway.ca Fazenda Nutriorganica – Ubajara – Brazil Fazenda Nutriorganica is the largest NUTRILITE™ farm. The farm produces acerola cherries year-round. Over 300 head of cattle on the farm provide natural fertilizer for the crops. NUTRILITE farms: The Global Good Neighbor
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Ilike Organic Skin Care Products: A Wonderful Product For Your Glowing Skin

Every human being around the world is the children of nature. When we are in hungry, the nature feed us well. If we are in cold, the natures give us warmth. We are tortured by the illness, and then nature cures us. If we want to life in peace, love and concord, you need to listen to the nature advice. However, the horrible atmosphere around the world is making our skin wrinkled and creating many skin diseases. To resolve these issues, you need to use these I like organic skin care products. In the present market, there are so many skin care products available are claiming to be as certified organic skin care products.

Most of the people are not having much knowledge about the difference between organic and non organic products. So many products are having non organic ingredients and still claim to be organic. I like organic products are the only certified organic products around the world. However, there are some products misleads the customers by telling them believe that the entire product is certified as organic. We have good news on this case that the board of certification and the system around the world are making the entire procedure of purchasing the certified organic products than ever before.

You need to consider so many things before selecting the best certified organic skin care product. First of all, you need to have all the right information about the product. Here are the some guidelines will help to you select the best organic skin care product. The important point to consider is that this product contains hundred percent certified organic components. And these ingredients should be collected from some organic ranch that carries the logo of an international certifying body.

The artificial toxins at any stage are not supposed to use in the process of the organic skin care product. And it should not contain any unnatural flavor or additive during the production process. And also these products should not contain any pesticides in the process. The need to use only certified and tested chemical that do not harm to the human skin. These types of cosmetics are not suggested to enter the blood stream. And also please make sure that these products are free from cancer causing chemicals. You can find these chemicals in many of the skin care products. Some of the chemicals that are used in these products will negatively affect the reproductive systems of the both men and women. You need to consider that these products must free from such toxins.

The Ilike organic skin care products are only certified organic products throughout the world. You can purchase these products from any retailers. For more details, please visit us at http://www.skincarebyalana.com/IlikeSkinCare.htm

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Animal Line of Bodybuilding Supplements Lauches a New Amino Acid Product, Aminal Nitro

(PRWEB) June 24, 2004 –

– Animal, a division of Universal Nutrition, a New Jersey-based sports nutrition and supplement manufacturer, has introduced a new product in the Animal line of hardcore bodybuilding supplements. Animal Nitro is the first and only supplement that contains the correct ratios of essential aminos based on human muscle protein itself.

Animal Nitro is a rock solid addition to the Animal line, a nutritional staple, as it contains important essential amino acids. Unlike any other amino acid product on the market, Animal Nitro contains special “uncoupled” forms of essential amino acids, which are free of all chemical bonds, making them extremely efficient and highly utilizable. The ratio and types of these essential aminos have been modeled after actual human muscle protein itself. This is Human Muscle Protein ComplexTM and it’s found exclusively in Animal Nitro.

Recent research has shown that small doses of essential amino acids have the ability to stimulate protein synthesis, increase anabolism, and promote a positive net nitrogen balance. In fact, oral doses of only 6g of essential amino acids (each pack of Animal Nitro contains 6g of essential aminos) can increase protein synthesis 3.5 times. The research has also shown that non-essential amino acids aren’t necessary.

In short, Animal Nitro is a solid addition to the Animal line and a useful nutritional supplement for strength athletes looking to increase recovery, strength, and energy while reducing fatigue. To increase absorption, Animal Nitro comes in quick-dissolving capsules, eight in each pack. Gram for gram, nothing is as pure, as efficient, as potent as Animal Nitro. It’s the new gold standard among amino-based supplements.

Animal Nitro can be found in GNC and other fine sports supplement and health food stores. For more information, please visit http://www.AnimalPak.com.

For Further Information

Contact Person: Lena Kulyanda or Jonathan Gutwein

Lena@UniversalNutrition.com, Jonathan@UniversalNutrition.com

Phone: 732-545-3130, 800-872-0101

Fax: 732-509-0458


AXION – A New Product From Xyngular For Optimal Health Based On Probiotics and Nutrition

Article by Bystrik Kacer

Is illness optional?We can’t avoid the high-stress , toxic , chemical-laden world we live in , but we can secure ourselves from as much problems as possible . Our body are bathed in harmful toxins , toxins , and chronic inflammation . But with correct anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory enzymes , disease can be far more optional than we realize .

Why not just eat better?It can be impossible to eat enough fruits , grains , and vegetables every day to get sufficient antoxidants to combat today’s free-radical overload . We’d need plenty of pounds of a wide variety of foods to get what we need. They are far too difficult for us to source, chop, and prepare, let alone afford.

Why whole foods in a health supplement?We use raw , concentrated ingredients like kale , spinach , apricot , blackberry , blueberry , cranberry , grape , beet , papaya , chlorella , spirulina , cauliflower , broccoli , wheat grass and pineapple in greater potency than you should ever find in a diet you could try to gather yourself . Each of these superfood elements is proven beneficial and highly bioactive in your body . You feel a major difference from these alone . But these components are mixed with the most bioactive forms of natural vitamins and nutrients that no super-diet can begin to match for complete nutrition and bioavailability .

Why probiotics?A healthy human body contains as much as four pounds of beneficial bacteria . Each strain of these wonderful organisms performs essential functions in your body like cleansing all the maze of tubes in your body and conversion of food to energy ( not fat ) . Chemical toxins , antibiotics , and many drugs kill both beneficial and dangerous bacteria . This erodes our health . A probiotic supplement can have an impressive effect on your vitality and resistance to disease .

The scienceA lot of people don’t realize until it is too late how vital it is to take a potent time-release supplement with vitamins , minerals , superfoods , and probiotics . You could spend countless hours exploring the volumes of solid , scientific research supporting every of the ingredients in this powerful blend and their corresponding health benefits . Suffice it to say that to function properly , every cell in the body benefits tremendously from a careful balance of all these essential nutrients and minerals . This is especially true for those with poor diets , weak immune systems , exposure to toxins , ambitious exercise regimens , age-related health problems , high-stress lifestyles , or pregnancy .

Documented Research shows substantial support:Brain , vision , and endocrine systems for sounder sleep , sexual function , eye health , mental , and emotional healthCardiovascular support for maximum energy and efficient weight managementMetabolic process and digestion for blood sugar levels balance and weight management , full nutrient absorption , proper brain function, and energySkeletal and muscular system for control of inflammation , weight management , and exercise recoveryYour skin healthImmune support for protection from infections and diseaseProtection against DNA damage

What do you feel when you take Xyngular aXion Product ? Keep track .You will make a great product story if you start by taking a dual dose of Axion Product. Then once you feel a difference try cutting back to 2 a day . Mark on a scale from 1 to 5 how are you doing now in each of these areas . Then track your score once per week . You’ll feel a difference .

More energyBetter sleepBreeze through the cold & flu season without infectionsHealthier skin and hairEasing of specific health concerns you may have

Take a look to http://www.xyngular.com/activelive and order your AXION product pack and FEEL THE DIFFERENCE .

For more information contact

Bystrik KacerXyngular European Founding Distributorinfo@xyngular-europe.euskype: nukegodhttp://www.xyngular-europe.eu

Digestive Enzymes Alterative Health Product

If you encounter yourself making a operate for the bathroom with an disrupt stomach every moment you devour or whether you continuously endure from digestive complications such as heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, indigestion, etc., it powers be moment towards add a digestive enzyme accompany towards your diet. Digestive enzymes play a crucial role within your digestive system. Without them, your body can’t digest foods and curve the vitamins and nutrients into gasoline for healthy physical function.

Though your body spawns enzymes naturally, you may need towards boost your intake with an alternative health product consisting a natural stir of digestive enzymes. Should you rely uniquely onto the digestive enzymes your body spawns right now? You can whether your diet consists of plenty of raw fruits, nuts, vegetables, and else foods tall within enzymes. But whether you roast most of your food and also endure with digestive complications, you may not be getting the proper number of enzymes necessary towards digest your food properly. In this instance, you can do one of two things – devour many raw foods daily or add nutritional accompanies towards your diet that consist digestive enzymes.
Age is another parameter within enzyme production. Once again 35 towards 40 years of age, your body’s enzyme production may initiate towards decrease its enzyme production.

Enzymes within the Digestive Tract
The food you devour former arrives within touch with enzymes and amylase within the saliva, which contravene down your food ahead of ranging the digestive organs. Commonly known enzymes within the stomach are Cathepsin, Pepsin, and HCI (acid). The stomach enzymes contravene down protein and discern the minerals from food for absorption. The food otherwise enters the low stomachs, whereas the pancreatic enzymes and bicarbonate go towards profession towards further procedure the food and absorb needful minerals into the body.

Digestive enzymes are made from vitamins and amino acids, so it’s meaningful towards devour a healthy diet and rob alternative health products towards accompany whereas your diet is lacking. Unless you’ve been diagnosed as having a specific enzyme need, you’ll presumably rob a nutritional accompany that consists a stir of herbs, vitamins, minerals and different enzymes towards ensure that your body is getting what it needs for proper digestion. In else vocabulary, you powers consult an amino acid accompany along with an enzyme accompany or a mixture of the two.

How towards Buy Alternative Health Products
Before rushing towards buy nutritional accompanies consisting enzymes, consult what your needs are and how you can greatest address them with supplements. If you are experiencing specific health needs, you powers endeavor a single plant enzyme accompany for starters that addresses your specific need. For example, whether you’ve experienced blood circulation complications, the enzyme accompany Bromelain serves towards relax the vasoconstriction of arteries and serves the body maintain a healthy blood flow. If you are endeavoring towards balance the yeast within your body, there are certain nutritional accompanies that mix a number of enzymes and herbs towards assistance with candida overgrowth. There are also accompanies for pancreas cooperation and Lipase enzyme accompanies towards cooperation fat digestion.

Nutritional accompanies consisting digestive enzymes habitually arrive within pill or powder form and should be robbed ahead of meals towards boost the digestive process. As with any dietary accompany, consult your doctor ahead of consuming whether you possess a severe medical mood or are taking prescription medicines. You can shop online towards encounter specific accompanies towards greet your needs. Browse an herb or alternative health product stock online towards encounter various accompanies, house cures and many towards herald your novel, healthier lifestyle. You’re quality it!

Health super store is one of the leading US based health supplements provider company, we are providing Nature’s Sources AbsorbAid Digestive Enzyme Powder and All One Green Phyto Base-Antioxidants and with reasonable price.

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Is there a difference between a product like Inner Health Plus & an off the shelf probiotic (not from fridge)?

Question by CC: Is there a difference between a product like Inner Health Plus & an off the shelf probiotic (not from fridge)?

Best answer:

Answer by minx
There would have to be as in the Inner Health Plus it needs to be refridgerated to preserve the active cultures in it♥I can’t imagine an off the shelf product cultivating good bacteria in your gut regardless of what claims the manufacturer makes♥

I’ve never bought anything but the refridgerated variety♥

L~Glutamine is good value for aiding in digestion. It is a natural amino acid ~ which is an antioxidant ~ that will maintain a healthy immune system, nerve and muscle function and aid immensely in digestive processes by maintaining the health of the intestinal mucosa. This one can be purchased straight off the shelf at your local health food store for about $ 30.00AUD for 100 tablets♥

Seems to make thought processes a lot clearer too♥

good health to you & yours♥


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