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Child’s Allergy Risk Higher If Parent Of Same Sex Has It

Researchers have discovered an interesting fact about the genetic basis of childhood allergic diseases: a child is more likely to have a particular allergy if his or her same-sex parent has it. So for example, a girl’s chance of having asthma is higher if her mother has it, and a boy’s is higher if his father has it. And the same appears to be true of eczema and other childhood allergies…
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Q&A: are your seizures the same as mine?

Question by Kirsty B: are your seizures the same as mine?
im epileptic and if i have a tonic colonic seizure when im awake i black out and have no idea that its happening but if i have one when while sleeping its as if im dreaming but im fully conscious that im having a seizure, i know that its happening but i cant stop it. i can hear myself saying ” your having a seizure calm down” and feel like someone is trying to suffocate me which i know is because im not breathing when im fitting. but its scary as hell feeling like your drowning. i prefer the ones that happen when im awake for the simple fact that i black out and have no idea its happening till i wake up. even if i do hurt myself falling down. ha. does anyone else feel like this when they have fits in their sleep?
i can look up alot of information but im looking to hear from people who actually have them and what its like for others
i dont have them often thank god

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Answer by Donald W
I have the fall on the floor convulsions and I to know I’m having one but unable to stop. At the beginning I was having them once or twice a week. Then it was once or twice a month, then once or twice a year and now years later I haven’t had one for years. I tried not letting them get me down and only had one while I was working so I was quite lucky not to have been fired. The main thing to concentrate on is taking your medicine at the same time everyday till it becomes a habit.

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Is 100% natural apple cider vinegar the same as organic?

Question by : Is 100% natural apple cider vinegar the same as organic?
I drink it for the health beneifts, but I have been reading that it needs to be organic for all the health benefits to be in it..The one I have been drinking doesn’t say organic but it says 100% natural apple cider, is that the same as organic?

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Answer by Nik
i bet not it prob has 100% but like 5% is that real juice the rest is junk nutrition labels are scams

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