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The Protein Klotho Paves The Way For Future Multiple Sclerosis Drugs

A team of researchers at Boston University School of Medicine have identified a new drug target for Alzheimer’s disease and multiple sclerosis. They discovered the importance of a protein called Klotho which helps maintain healthy myelin – an insulating material allowing communication between nerve cells. As people begin to age the levels of Klotho in the brain also begin to decrease…
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Fingolimod For Multiple Sclerosis Patients Soon To Be Recommended, UK

Fingolimod, the first ever MS (multiple sclerosis) pill, will soon be recommended by the UK’s National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE). NICE is a UK government body which decides which therapies should be covered by the National Health Service, the country’s universal health care system. Fingolimod, brand name Gilenya, is made and marketed by Swiss pharmaceutical giant, Novartis…
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