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Sprouts – A Magical Food

The Chinese discovered the incredible health benefits of sprouting thousands of years ago.  Sprouts pack a nutritional wallop unlike any other food in existence.  Sprouts are chalk full of vitamins, proteins, minerals, enzymes and the highest level nutrient (chlorophyll) that is known to man.  Chlorophyll is the richest source of enzymes in existence.

Why are enzymes important?  Enzymes are responsible for every function in your body.  The difference between a corpse and a living being is the enzymes.  A dead person might have an abundance of protein, antioxidants, calcium, and other necessary nutrients in the body but enzymes are the life force that they are missing.  It is non other than these enzymes which convert vitamins, minerals, and protein into a form that the body can use and thereby sustain life.  No one knows exactly what this life giving force in the enzymes is, but nevertheless we do know about their absolute necessity in the business of generating life.

Sprouts can truly be classified as a LIVING FOOD.  It is the only vegetable or food source that actually gains vitamins and nutritional content even after harvesting.  When you put them in the refrigerator for later use, they will actually gain vitamin content and will even continue to grow so that when you take them back out of the refrigerator to eat them they will literally be larger and more nutrient dense than when you put them in.


Every time  you eat sprouts you have provided yourself with the greatest amount of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and enzymes per calorie than any food in the world.  Moreover these essential nutrients are very easily digested and then assimilated.  Actually sprouts will significantly improve your digestive tract’s efficiency.

You can by organic seeds for sprouting for pennies per pound.  You should experiment with a variety of different seeds as each has their own magical health benefits. Most people have heard of mung beans, but there is also alfalfa, peas, lentils, radish, broccoli, cabbage, mustard, and garbanzos.  Actually there are at least 30 seeds or beans which can be sprouted safely and enjoyed and each is off the charts in terms of health benefits. Take broccoli sprouts for instance.  They have been shown to have up to 50 times more cancer fighting strength then mature broccoli.  Sprouts truly are an amazing and magical source of nutrition.

Economically sprouts are an incredible purchase, since they will be up to 15 times heavier when you harvest them then when you placed the inexpensive organic seeds in the jar to begin the sprouting process in the first place.  It is truly amazing to contemplate that these nutritional powerhouses can multiply their weight by up to 15 times and gain vitamins and become more nutrient dense with every phase of growth. 

When you think about it, sprouts are merely a baby plant in its most nutritious form.  Their concentration of vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes, antioxidants, phytochemicals and much more are at their highest level in their baby state.  These wonderfoods have the ability to fight cancer and many other diseases as well as strengthen the bodies immune system more at the point of sprouting than at any other time in the plant’s life.

Why not start experimenting with different seeds and beans and begin sprouting at home?  It will only take minutes per day but you will dramatically increase your health and nutrition and this for only pennies.  Sprouts will greatly enhance your overall well being and you will rapidly notice positive changes in every aspect of your health.  As far as food is concerned, calorie for calorie sprouts might very well be the greatest food source on the planet.  I can’t think of one good reason not to incorporate this incredible living food into a healthy diet.  Can you?

I am passionate about health issues, and the state of the health of our wonderful America. I believe the American diet is literally killing us and that a steady flow of money and perks from the meat, egg, and dairy industries to the U.S. government is the reason we have had a long sustained brainwashing campaign that has precipitated the shift from a predominantly plant-based diet to an animal-based diet. The result has been an unprecedented increase in heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and cancers of all varieties. I believe Americans are suffering from a lack of truthful information concerning our diets. I enjoy writing motivational articles that will help to correct the problem regarding this lack of information and also examine the prevailing misinformation in the light of truth.

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Unadulterated Sprouts – Basic Steps To Grow The Ultimate Living Food

Some raw foodists consider sprouts to be the most nutritious of the healthiest food types in existence. Unadulterated sprouting is even more healthful because there aren’t any harsh pesticides used during the sprouting process. The process of making sprouts essentially involves soaking, draining and also rinsing seeds or beans at regular intervals until they sprout, or germinate. It is suggested that plants are at their top strength nutritionally during the germinating stage. As a result of all the power needed for the sprout to break from its shell this makes sense. Also, sprouts are a real “living food” because they are or should be alive plus still in growth while being consumed.

Essential for the sprouting process, sprouts become abundant in consumable energy, bioavailable vitamins, minerals, amino acids, protein, as well as phytochemicals. Many sprouts are suggested to even be complete proteins as they possess all of the essential amino acids. Additionally, minerals and vitamins are suggested to shoot up from 13-600% during sprouting.

Sprouts generate enzymes which are said to heal the body on the cellular level and of course assist in nutrient assimilation. Some sprouts may be put in the sun indirectly during the final days. This will introduce small green leaves or buds, and therefore cancer eliminating chlorophyll in the sprouts. Indirect sunlight may also promote increased Vitamin A and protein levels in the sprout.

When you grow sprouts you are also growing a natural fiber source which can contribute to colon health.

To start growing your plants you must initially soak the seeds or beans. It’s best to use tepid pure water for the sprout growing. Soaking will end it’s dormancy and start new life, life that we can consume in the form of living food and living energy! After the seed has soaked up enough water it is considered living and therefore a vitamin and mineral powerhouse in it’s own right. At this stage enzymes have activated and in most situations the seed or bean has turned from acidic to alkaline.

Providing the correct measure of moisture the seed will start germination. Rinsing seeds at regular intervals will keep their moisture level at the proper level. Between the rinse/drain cycles is when they grow. Consistent drainage is a good idea since you do not want the seeds or sprouts to sit in the water allowing mold to grow.

Although you may hear that the timing, amount of soaking water, number of drain and rinse cycles for different plants and seeds vary, here is a basic strategy that we perform when sprouting. We often sprout mustard seeds, radish seeds, adzuki and mung beans, broccoli sprouts, radish and some other smaller seeds.

Initially we prep a large sterile jar with a mesh or screen top. We mix in equal servings of seeds and water, but not a whole lot, just enough seeds to cover 1 or 2 layers at the bottom. They will fill the jar rapidly during sprouting. We then let the jar stand for around 24 hours inside of a dry, clean cupboard to avoid the light. Then we thoroughly strain out the water from the jar keeping in mind not to shake the seeds around a whole lot.

An additional fast rinsing at this level doesn’t be a bad idea. Then, we put the jar on it
s side at about 45 degrees resting in a bowl. We do this to invoke continuous drainage of the sprouts and/or seeds. Then we cover up the jar with a towel or cloth keeping out the light. Then, a couple times every day we’ll rinse, and then drain the shoots. Then we will be sure to get a clean bowl and even a clean cloth if the one being used becomes wet.

When the plants get to a size we are pleased with we give them one final rinse, put them into a container with a paper towel on the bottom and top and put them in the fridge. Other times we just remove the cover at this stage and put them to indirect sunlight if we want some chlorophyll creation. If so, we may leave them out for an extra couple of days being sure to rinse and drain as normal.

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