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Economic Team says N5,000 note not for mass circulation

Circulation Desk
Image by ddesroches
The new circulation desk at Bready School – something only a librarian could get excited about!

Economic Team says N5,000 note not for mass circulation
The minister told State House Correspondents after the meeting presided over by President Goodluck Jonathan at the State House that like the 5,000 Euro note, the new N5,000 note would not be in normal circulation but reserved for the banks and a few …
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Currency in Circulation Down to N1.36 Trillion
The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) said the amount of currency in circulation has dropped by 4.8 per cent in the second quarter to N1.36 trillion. The currency in circulation in the first quarter of the year had dropped by 8.5 per cent to N1.42 trillion …
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Times titles claim 1m Olympics circulation boost
Britain's national newspapers put on sales of around two million during the Olympics fortnight, according to internal estimates at News International. The figures suggest that nearly half of that uplift was split between The Times and The Sunday Times.
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Organizing Your Youth Soccer Team.

Organizing Your Youth Soccer Team.
Youth Soccer Coach Training Series: Koach Karl Dewazien, Ussf ‘a’ Licenced Coach W/ 30 Years Experience Makes It Easy & Fun!
Organizing Your Youth Soccer Team.

Running A Micro Business Or Homeschool Organization
Ebooks And Audios For Micro Business Start-ups. E Books And Audios For Homeschool Group Leaders. Ebooks And Audio On Taxes For Teenagers Written By A Carol Topp, Cpa. Accounting And Business Issues Explained In A Easy-to-understand Way.
Running A Micro Business Or Homeschool Organization

Ganeden Biotech and Unistraw Team Up to Offer Revolutionary New Probiotic Enriched Drinking Straw

Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) November 17, 2011

In what is being called an engineering and biotechnological breakthrough, Ganeden Biotech and Unistraw International Ltd., announced a global partnership today to include the probiotic GanedenBC30 into Unistraw?s award winning probiotic straw concept. Beverage manufacturers can now provide consumers with probiotics to benefit the immune and digestive system in their favorite beverage products, without needing a refrigerated supply chain.

Australian-based Unistraw grabbed headlines in 2008 when they announced the development of an innovative, award-winning probiotic straw concept. Unistraw?s probiotic straw delivery system contains hundreds of UniBeads, which are housed within the straw. The probiotics in the UniBeads are dry, shelf stable and dissolve as liquid is sipped through the straw. With this method, juice, milk, carbonated drinks and water can all be turned into probiotic beverages that no longer need refrigeration and have a shelf life of up to 12 months. The straw is also recyclable.

Unistraw tested a variety of probiotic strains and found GanedenBC30 is the probiotic strain with the best stability to complement the Unistraw delivery system. Unlike other probiotic strains, GanedenBC30 (Bacillus coagulans GBI-30, 6086) can survive the toughest manufacturing processes, supply chain conditions, as well as stomach acids, making the probiotic both effective and efficient.

The survivability of GanedenBC30 can be linked to its naturally occurring layer of organic material that protects the genetic core of the bacteria. Other probiotic strains are unable to form this protective layer, making them vulnerable to failure in a variety of manufacturing processes.

?The probiotic straw is a game changer to the beverage industry because liquids that normally could not be enriched with probiotics and other nutritional ingredients now can,? said Tim York, Managing Director, Unistraw International Ltd. ?GanedenBC30 is one of a very few probiotic strains capable of meeting the durability and longevity standards necessary for this concept to be fully embraced by beverage manufacturers. Milk, juice or whatever a beverage manufacturer can dream up, we can now provide an easy, cost-effective, on-the-go delivery system offers probiotic benefits not possible before.?

For Ganeden Biotech, the Unistraw probiotic straw is the latest in a string of partnerships where a beverage or food concept offering the benefits of a probiotic needed a stronger, more durable probiotic strain to make the concept successful.

?For years we?ve been showing beverage and food manufacturers that GanedenBC30 was the only probiotic that could survive their manufacturing process,? Mike Bush, Vice President of Business Development, Ganeden Biotech. ?But Unistraw?s probiotic straw is a technological breakthrough in the beverage industry. We?re truly excited that GanedenBC30 is a part of this exciting program and will now be offered with beverage products all over the world.?

Unistraw will begin manufacturing its new probiotic straw from Q2 2012 with the straw available in a stand-alone format and also as an integrated product suitable for attachment to aseptic juice and dairy cartons.

About Unistraw International Ltd.

Founded in 2005, Unistraw is an Australian-based company that has won multiple international awards for its innovative products. The patented Unistraw? Delivery System offers simple, cost effective solutions to applications requiring the addition of flavour and/or functional ingredients to any type of beverage. Unistraw products are assembled in state-of-the-art and high-capacity manufacturing facilities that meet the key international accreditations including, HACCP, ISO, and BRC, with relevant products achieving international Kosher and Halal certifications. For more information on Unistraw please visit http://www.unistraw.com.

About Ganeden Biotech, Inc.

Founded in 1997, Ganeden Biotech is based in Cleveland, Ohio, and is at the forefront of probiotic research and innovative product development with GanedenBC30

Whole Foods, Sambazon Team Up for Amazon Giveaway

Whole Foods, Sambazon Team Up for Amazon Giveaway
Natural and organic foods retailer Whole Foods Market teamed up with Sambazon, a supplier of organic Amazon superfoods to offer a sweepstakes on Facebook to benefit Whole Planet Foundation.
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Quinoa: The Complete
Quinoa, once called the Gold of the Incas is making its way out of obscure and ancient cuisine into modern people’s pantry.
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Drinking Before Noon At Los Angeles Bars And Restaurants
With a handful of bars that open at approximately the same time the sun rises, Los Angeles happily accommodates those craving an early morning cocktail. Here are places to drink before noon, sans judge-ey looks from the bartender.
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Dave Scott, 6-Time Ironman World Champion, Salutes Season of Outstanding Success For Team BioBuilde, Master Amino Acid Pattern Members

Dave Scott, 6-Time Ironman World Champion, Salutes Season of Outstanding Success For Team BioBuilde, Master Amino Acid Pattern Members

Clearwater, FL (PRWEB) November 19, 2007

Six-time Ironman World Champion, Dave Scott saluted his fellow Master Amino Acid Pattern team members after a string of outstanding successes in the 2007 Ironman season. As leading spokesperson for Master Amino Acid Pattern, Dave Scott is justifiably proud of the team which now boasts two World Champions and a World Record holder. And with the finish line almost in sight for the 2007 season, two Master Amino Acid Pattern team members, Luis Alvarez and Kevin Moats competed in Clearwater, Florida at the Ironman World Championship 70.3. on November 10. It proved a fitting finale to some outstanding achievements in this grueling sport. As an Ironman World Champion, coach and race nutrition expert, Dave Scott says, “Congratulations to all Master Amino Acid Pattern athletes! By setting an example to all who follow your career and cheer you on, you’ve shown that with consistent training, both physically and nutritionally; including the benefits of Master Amino Acid Pattern, the results will lead to success at the finish line. Great job!”


One who has certainly done a ‘great job’ is Alex Mroszczyk-McDonald whose season was nothing less than outstanding. In only his third year of competition, this Master Amino Acid Pattern team member won not only his 25-29 age group in Kona but also finished an astonishing first out of the non-PROs in a time of 09.00.09. This medical student from the University of Vermont College of Medicine plans to scale even tougher heights as he makes the transition to professional long-course tri-athlete in 2008.


Someone who had a real comeback year is Master Amino Acid Pattern team member, Cherie Gruenfeld, who effectively destroyed her opposition in the 60-64 age group at the World Championships in Kona by finishing an incredible 18 minutes ahead of her nearest age-group rival with a time of 13.11.19. Says Cherie, “2007 was a banner season for me – a comeback after a lay off in 2006 due to injuries suffered in a bike crash. In 2007 I “ran the table”, winning every event I entered: two Olympic triathlons, three 70.3 events and two Ironman races, including the World Championships in Kona. To accomplish this, I followed a smart season-long training plan and used Master Amino Acid Pattern to support that plan. I put in the work and counted on Master Amino Acid Pattern to do the vital recovery work for me. This strategy took me through this winning season 100% healthy and strong.”


2007 saw Luis Alvarez, CEO of Grupo Aloymex achieve the un-thinkable by setting and maintaining the World Record for being the only man to compete in every Ironman venue in the world. To ensure the Record stays firmly in his grasp, his sights are set on competing at the inaugural Ironman in China in April, 2008 a mere seven days after competing in Ironman, Arizona. Luis says ” In order to accomplish these new challenges, I will complement my nutrition needs with Master Amino Acid Pattern, especially when competing in two Ironman contests on two different continents in such a short space of time.”


Master Amino Acid Pattern team member Kevin Moats has more than 20 years experience in the tough Ironman arena and has some impressive results to his credit, including back to back wins in the 50-54 age group in 2005/06 at the World Championship in Kona. An age group winner last year in Clearwater setting a new course record of 4.16, in 2007 Kevin finished a very creditable third place out of 57 athletes in his age group. For more information on Master Amino Acid Pattern and the Winners Circle visit http://www.BodyHealth.com.


One reason why the members of the Master Amino Acid Pattern team are so consistent with contest results is because Master Amino Acid Pattern is 2 to 5 times more effective and absorbed 4 to 12 times faster than meat, fish soy or whey. Master Amino Acid Pattern is 100% absorbed within 23 minutes and is utilized to build body proteins. No other source of protein or amino acid can compare.

Master Amino Acid Pattern is a unique patented formula of the essential amino acids created in the exact amounts and pattern-MAP for the human body to optimize endurance and protein recovery and minimize injury.


For more information about each of the Master Amino Acid Pattern athletes, visit http://www.BodyHealth.com


For more information about Master Amino Acid Pattern visit http://www.BodyHealth.com or call 877-804-3258.



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