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Lilly Terminates Alzheimer’s Drug Trial, Citing Abnormal Liver Tests

Eli Lilly’s Phase II study for an investigational drug for Alzheimer’s disease has been terminated due to abnormal liver biochemical tests. The company says that clinical study investigators have been informed. The compound in question, a beta secretase (BACE) inhibitor called LY2886721, was being tested as a once-daily therapy to slow down Alzheimer’s disease progression. Jan M…
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Women Should Receive Pap Tests Every 3 to 5 years

Women should be screened for cervical cancer every three to five years at most. This recommendation came from the new guidelines issued today by The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (The College), which also indicated that receiving the Pap test and the HPV (human papillomavirus) test at the same time is better than the Pap test alone…
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I have high cholestereol,Are there tests recommended to check the status of the arteries/circulation?

Question by Liz: I have high cholestereol,Are there tests recommended to check the status of the arteries/circulation?
I am concerned by my high cholestereol levels and the effect this might be having on my arteries etc and wonder if there are any( non invasive) further tests recommended to check this? I am sixty,female and my blood pressure is normal.

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Answer by Isa
I think at this moment there aren’t such tests, only blood test to follow the levels.

remember that avoiding saturated fats it’s essential.

the following dietary suplements were found to be instrumental in lowering the cholesterol content of the blood and in reducing the amount of harmful blood fats.

The five-step program. Here are the five steps that patients were asked to follow:

1. Include daily as a food supplement at breakfast two to four tablespoonfuls of Lecithin extracted from soya beans.

2. Add to your diet each day B complex vitamins in the most potent form. Avoid the cheaper preparations which provide only small and ineffectual quantities of the vitamins, and have little or no effect on the body. Your doctor or druggist can advise you which brands provide potent quantities of the vitamins.

3. Also add to your daily diet at least 25,000 units of Vitamin A, and 150 mg. of vitamin C.

4. Take two tablespoonfuls of soya bean oil, corn oil or safflower oil daily to provide the essential fatty acid necessary to proper nutrition. The oil may be used as salad dressing, taken with tomato or fruit juice, or in any way you prefer.

5. Include in your diet two to four tablespoonfuls of whole wheat germ each day. This may be eaten as a breakfast cereal with fruit, or sprinkled in your salad.

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