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Harris Teeter Associates to Assemble 2,000 Harvest Feast Thanksgiving Bags for Members of Local Community

Raleigh, NC (PRWEB) November 18, 2011


Harris Teeter Associates to Assemble 2,000 Harvest Feast Thanksgiving Bags for Members of Local Community 2,000 Families-in-Need to Receive Complete Holiday Dinner Courtesy of Harris Teeter


Monday, Nov. 21, 2011


10 a.m. ? Press Conference and Bag Assembly


Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina

3808 Tarheel Drive

Raleigh, NC 27609

Interviews are available. Live shots are welcomed!

Monday, Nov. 21, 2011, Harris Teeter associates will arrive at Food Bank Central & Eastern North Carolina to greet a Harris Teeter tractor trailer filled with product needed for a traditional holiday feast. Harris Teeter is donating enough products for its associates to assemble 2,000 Thanksgiving dinner bags with ham plus all the fixins.

Each Thanksgiving bag will feed a family of four and will contain cranberry sauce, corn, green beans, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, a 2L Coca-Cola, pie, rolls and ham. The food bank will identify and distribute the 2,000 Thanksgiving bags to emergency pantries throughout its 34-county region before Thanksgiving. The food bank has provided food for people at risk of for over 30 years and serves a network of more than 800 partner agencies such as soup kitchens, food pantries, shelters, and programs for children and adults through warehouses in Durham, Greenville, New Bern, Raleigh, the Sandhills (Southern Pines) and Wilmington.

?At a time when 1 in 7 of the individuals in our 34-county service area are in need of some type of assistance to put food on their table not only during the holidays, but year round, we are grateful for the continued support of our longtime friends at Harris Teeter,” said Peter Werbicki, President and CEO of the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina. “Through this effort by Harris Teeter, 8,000 meals are provided to families in our community this holiday season.?

Harris Teeter would like to thank Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina for distributing the Thanksgiving dinner bags as well as its generous vendors who made this donation possible: Heineken USA, Treasury Wine Estates, New York Packaging, Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated, Ocean Spray, Del Monte, Bruce Foods, Mt. Olive, General Mills, Idahoan Foods, Jessie Lord Bakery, Kings Hawaiian, Kraft Foods, Cargill and Mrs. T’s

How to Get Organized Quickly for the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays

by vasta

The Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are almost here.  The Christmas shopping and buying season is already underway.  Friends and family, not to mention you and your family, are making plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas… traveling, hosting, etc.  But is your home organized and ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas?  If not, here’s how to get organized quickly for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

First, don’t try to do everything at once.  Pick one room to clean and organize at a time.  If you have a lot of organizing and cleaning to do, trying to do it all at once will probably overwhelm you, and you’ll just give up and quit.

Next, as you clean and organize each room in your home, decide what you want to have “out” and showing, verses put up and not seen.  Throw out anything that you simply have no use for. Vacuum, sweep, mop, wipe, dust, and/or wash whatever in each room that needs cleaning. 

After the room is clean, now is the time to find a place for all the clutter plus odds and ends that are laying around.  A simple rule: Everything has a home (or place) that it goes when not being used.  When done using something, put items in their home, where they belong.  Storage containers can be almost anything, depending on the size of the items being stored and what they are.  You can store things in boxes, in plastic storage containers (some slide nicely under the bed for easy access, like for blankets), stackable plastic crates, paper and bill organizers, cups for pens and such.

Closets can have hanging organizers on the door, both sides if you like.  If you have a lot of shoes, these are great.  Smaller and lighter items can be organized in closet organizers that hang from the clothes rack pole.  Out of season clothing can be packed away until needed, making more space for what you wear right now.  Get in the habit of hanging your closets in an organized manner so that you can find what you want quickly and easily.  Hanging by particular type or what you wear most helps you to save time by not having to search through everything to find what you want or need.

For kitchen organizing, if you have a full size kitchen pantry, you can use a hanging door organizer for some of your lighter food items.  Regular kitchen cabinets an benefit from shelf organizers, which basically gives you more shelving space.  If you drink a lot of canned soda, a refrigerator can organizer saves a lot of space and organizes your canned drinks nicely and neatly. 

If you need to get organized in a very short time frame, you can take some drastic measures to ensure your home is clean and organized before company arrives.  This method is different than the usual home organizing that I spoke of previously.  While in general you would want to keep your home organized and clean and not have to do the drastic method, life doesn’t always allow that.  Work, kids, family…  it’s not always easy to keep things just right.  So if you need to clean and organize fast, here’s what to do.

To clean and organize really super fast (like company will be there in an hour or less), start with the three main rooms: living room, kitchen, bathroom.  In the bathroom, do a quick cleaning of the obvious.  Any dirty clothes, put them in a basket.  In the kitchen, if you have a dishwasher, load it with any dirty dishes.  Wipe the counters down, turn on the dishwasher (or just leave it off until later).  If you don’t have a dishwasher and the sink is full to the brim (yes, I do know that feeling), fill the sink and put the dishes in to soak for a few moments while you pick things up in the living room. 

Here’s the thing about picking things up and cleaning really fast.  Don’t worry about putting things where they go, just get them picked up and out of sight.  Use laundry baskets or whatever.  Go around, pick up, put the baskets or whatever you used into the closet.  After company leaves, go back and put things where they go.

Grab the vacuum and the broom if the floors really need them, but if not, forget that and go wash the dishes.  Make sure your trash can isn’t running over.  Hey, we all have trash, so unless it’s running out of the can, don’t worry about it.  If you get done with the living room, kitchen, and bathroom, and still have time, go straighten the bedroom.

With the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season coming, you can get your home organized quickly and super fast if you need to by using some of these simple home organizing tips.

More ideas for getting organized can be found from The Organizer Lady at http://www.theorganizerlady.com

Written by BlondieWrites