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Scientists Find Early Immune Trigger Of MS

Using advanced imaging to observe the early stages of nerve damage in mice with MS, scientists in the US believe they have found an important early trigger for the disease: the leakage of a clotting protein across the blood-brain barrier that activates an immune response and results in a toxic environment that damages nerve cells…
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Synthetic Molecules Trigger MMP-Targeting mAbs to Treat IBD

Synthetic Molecules Trigger MMP-Targeting mAbs to Treat IBD
Importantly, the resulting antibodies significantly reduced colon inflammation, ulceration, and other colonic injury resulting from dextran sodium sulphate (DSS)-induced colitis. The team's findings are reported in a paper titled ÔÇťAntibodies targeting …
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5 hidden reasons you're putting on weight
Constipation: This therapy hydrates the colon, clearing away old hardened waste material and harmful toxins. It also strengthens the natural muscular activity in the colon thus providing long lasting cure for constipation. Weight Loss: A colonic helps …
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Water massage: Healing medicine to watch in 2012 (4)
I still haven't done a high colonic irrigation simply because I am shy to expose my body to a nurse! TWO: many people prefer a hands-free body massage these days to minimise exposure to HIV infection. Who knows the status of the masseur or if grazing …
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