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Head and neck cancer: mutation ‘triggers cancer-causing gene’

Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in Pennsylvania say they have discovered a mechanism which causes cancer activity to increase in head and neck cancer. The discovery may lead to new treatments for the disease.Senior author of the study, Dr.
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Reading a novel triggers lasting changes in the brain

Lovers of literature can rejoice: a new study combines the humanities and neuroscience to take a look at what effects reading a novel can have on the brain. Researchers say exploring a book can not only change your perspective, but also it can change your mind – at least for a few days.
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Scientists Isolate Hormone That Triggers Health Benefits Of Exercise

An international team of scientists has isolated a natural hormone or chemical messenger in muscle cells that triggers some of the important health benefits of exercise. They have named it “irisin”, after the Greek messenger goddess, and believe it is a promising candidate for developing drugs to treat diabetes, obesity and maybe even cancer…
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