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A Teaspoon A Day Keeps The Doctor Away – Live A Longer Healthier Life

“Your probiotic is one of the best on the market – it not only works but also is “patient/user” friendly. I have been working with ‘guts’ for over 30 years and I recommend your product to any and every Practitioner I know.”– D. A. Wood – Immunologist Southport, QLD. 8/07/2004

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The result of 20 years research and development

Czerral Wheeler – the formulator and creator of the world’s first certified organic probiotic superfood. Czerral is a researcher, publisher, and educator with many years of experience in the Natural Health Care Industry and a Masters degree in Ionic Remedies and the study of Vibrational Medicine. His studies on Bacteria and the “Micro-cellular World” have lead him to become one of the foremost teachers on the significance of Pro-Biotics and Organic Nutrient Saturation in Industry. He came to realize that the very foundation of all life and well-being was dependant on “Bacteria.” From his research came the formulation of an array of innovative product lines containing fermented foods, Lactobacillus Bacteria, a broad spectrum of certified organic nutrients and Spirulina (which he had an exclusive role in introducing to the world market). As an “A” listed speaker at the National Health Federation(s) he quickly became acknowledged as a well-known guest speaker on many radio talk shows and television interviews.

The world’s first certified organic probiotic superfood
Possibly the best Pro-biotic on the market. Taking In-liven every day will contribute to your health in a number of significant ways. Just look at the ingredients!

Absolutely no synthetic chemicals like cheaper pro-biotics, only certified organic food ingredients.

Contains 26 carefully selected living whole foods from 100% certified organic sources that are rich in phyto-nutrients. In-Liven contiains significant enzymes, vital amino acids and a broad spectrum of essential nutrients.

All certified organic. Spirulina, Rolled Oats,Brown Rice,Wheat Grain,Pearl Barley,Linseed,Kidney Beans,Mung Beans,Adzuki Beans,Red Lentils,Chick Peas,Wheat Grass,Barley Grass,Alfalfa Grass,Beetroot,Sweet Potato,String Beans, Zucchini, Cabbage, Silverbeet, Spinach, Chinese Cabbage,Asparagus,Broccoli,Malt Liquid,Molasses,Saccharomyces Cerevisiae,Saccharomyces Boulardii.

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The world’s first certified organic probiotic superfood helps re-colonise the intestinal flora and helps restore proper intestinal balance. Suitable for babies, breastfeeding mothers as well as the whole family including babies.

Take daily as a tonic and especially after any illness, particularly the use of antibiotics or other chemically-based medicines. Helps eliminate ‘unfriendly’ bacteria and counteracts medical & food chain antibiotic damage while supporting the body to enhance immune function.

Take this quick quiz:
Always running on empty? Yes or No
Tired of feeling spent? Yes or No
Longing to feel better? Yes or No
Suffering brain fog? Yes or No
Too busy to eat all those salads and vegetables? Yes or No
Sick of throwing out rotten food every week? Yes or No
Can’t get the kids to eat what they should? Yes or No
Just seeking  a simple, convenient solution for important daily nutritional needs? Yes or No

If you answered Yes to any of the above questions, then you need the world’s first certified organic probiotic superfood.

In my house, we all take it every day as part of our food intake. It is just an amazing food source that helps maintain optimum health.

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Naturopath Reine Du Bois says:

“In-Liven is a perfect multi-vitamin to use during pregnancy as it is an organic food source supplement that is pre-digested with good bacteria making the nutrients 100% easier to adsorb and utilise.

I prefer In-Liven to pregnancy multi-vitamins as the body always prefers food sources over synthetic supplements. The fact that it is organic means that these nutrients are clean and abundant. The most common pregnancy prescription i make for healthy woman is In-Liven, ultra clean fish oils and good quality iron that is plant based.

In-Liven is very helpful in treating the most common complaint in pregnancy – constipation. Due to the good count of active bacteria.

The wheat berries are often a concern for many woman that know they are sensitive to wheat in general, this however is never found to be an issue due mostly to the fact that all the food ingredients are pre-digested – breaking down the food particles that tend to cause issues. “
Reine Du Bois, Byron Bay.

Taking the world’s first certified organic probiotic superfood will optimise nutrient absorption and assimilation while also helping guard against ‘nutrient starvation’. The result of over 20 years research & development, the bacteria are produced from fruits and vegetables, not colonised from feacal matter which similiar products are.

If you have Digestive Problems, Skin Condition, Low Iron or other health issues that require you to restore balance to you system…give In-liven a go!

Humans need to address the lack of nutrition to the cells. This lack is basically caused by lack of bacteria that are responsible to break down the nutrients of foods so they can be delivered to the cells. That is why first and foremost we deliver the bacteria in our products and second we deliver the nutrients in the form of 26 living whole foods that have been fermented.

The bottom line with any problems that people have is that if they are under a doctors care then they should consult their professional before trying. It is a food that has been designed to nourish the body. Then the body can heal itself. The body is programmed to heal itself and our job is to provide the raw materials in the form of proper foods in order for it to do its job.

It is recommended that you take 2 teaspoons of the world’s first certified organic probiotic superfood powder per day for the first 2 weeks. A maintenance dose of 1 teaspoon per day can be taken after this time. InLiven – the world’s first certified organic probiotic superfood will last you for approximately 2 months when taken this way.

However, if your immune system is compromised, it might be best to start with 1/8th of a teaspoon and doubling the amount each 3-4 days if you DO NOT have a healing reaction until you get to a full teaspoon per day.

It is great to take 3 teaspoons per day if you are undergoing detox. This will help greatly with the detox process.

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It is best to take the world’s first certified organic probiotic superfood before Meals.

Take by itself or with any liquid such as soy milk, mixed in a smoothee or apple juice if you prefer to dilute the taste.

My wife recently had a blood test and the doctor was amazed. Her blood was 9 years younger than her chronological age. Get yours today!

And, best of all – you can try it for 15 days – and if it is not for you, then return it for a full refund (less postage costs). Purchase over a very secure payment gateway.

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